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Expand your Multi-Cloud Strategy with Google Cloud VMware Engine

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Announcing Google Cloud VMware Engine

We are proud to share that VMware customers will soon have more choices to choose from when pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy. With the announcement of Google Cloud VMware Engine, Google becomes a first-party VMware Cloud partner.

With Google Cloud VMware Engine, customers can extend their VMware-based workloads to the cloud without the need to rebuild existing workloads and applications. Customers can leverage their existing investments and tools while enjoying the speed, automation, and cost-optimization that Google Cloud provides.


VMware Cloud Foundation Now Available with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine is fully managed by Google Cloud and is an integrated VMware Cloud Verified service sold and supported by Google Cloud. Cloud Verified is the highest level of validation for VMware-based cloud services, assuring customers that the solution offers the most complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies with consistency and compatibility across on-premises and cloud environments. The solution utilizes the industry-leading VMware Cloud Foundation on its bare metal servers.

VMware Cloud Foundation includes VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX-T and is deployed and managed by Google Cloud, making core VMware technologies readily available to customers out of the box. Additionally, customers will have access to VMware HCX, a VMware solution designed for simplifying application migration, which will further reduce the friction of moving workloads to the cloud.

The partnership of VMware and Google Cloud will increase customers’ multi-cloud strategies and drive digital transformation and business resiliency using the same Cloud Foundation that customers run in data centers today. Organizations can now quickly deploy their on-premises VMware environments in Google Cloud providing scale, agility, and access to cloud-native services.


Embrace the Next Phase of your Multi-Cloud Journey Today

With mounting pressure to find a way to rapidly rebuild existing applications in order to leverage the cloud, this new solution by Google Cloud enables you to accelerate and simplify your journey to the cloud while taking advantage of your VMware investments and expertise. Combining this with other VMware-based offerings, you can enjoy greater choice to find the best cloud platform to achieve your cloud strategy.

For more information, you can visit Google’s official announcement at

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