Hybrid Cloud VMware HCX

VMware HCX adds Automation, Scale and Cloud to Cloud Mobility: Workload mobility just got easier and faster across datacenters and clouds

Simplify your datacenter refresh, accelerate datacenter evacuations and kickstart public or private cloud usage. Streamline the movement of your business-critical workloads today. This article explores how our mobility platform HCX will help you get started.

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to rapidly realize the benefits of their modern SDDC infrastructure investments. Across the expanding footprint of the VMware datacenter and cloud platform landscape, the ability to easily move applications to those modern infrastructures has delivered real value and differentiation. HCX migration and mobility functionality is available in all SDDC bundles from VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and Azure VMware Solutions. Also available through many of our VCPP partners, it empowers customers to automate the movement and modernization of critical applications to the platforms of their choice.- This applies whether they’re internal datacenters, public cloud resources or hybrid and multi-cloud designs. 

The most recent delivery of features in HCX continues to accelerate and simplify VM migration and mobility with three key innovations.

1. Cloud to Cloud Mobility

Cloud-to-Cloud Mobility delivers push-button migration, network extension and interconnectivity for VMware-based clouds. It enables true workload mobility between and across clouds, empowering you to use the HCX hybrid interconnect. That means you can ensure workloads are always available in the optimal region or cloud provider to meet your business goals for cost, response time, security and more.

Key Features & Benefits: 

Easily connect multiple VMware-based clouds 
Large-scale live migrate across clouds, providers, and regions 
Protect against lock-in with simple cloud portability  
Rebalance workloads as needed  
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2. Mobility Groups

HCX Mobility Groups simplify the creation of logical groupings of VMs for migrations. This lets you more easily identify application and workload relationships. Then simply click to create, schedule, migrate and monitor the movement of complex groupings of virtual machines within and across data centers and clouds.  

Key Features & Benefits

Identify, Filter, Group VMs by Workload
Schedule Bulk Migration Waves
Leverage One or More Migration Types 
Pause / Resume Migrations 
Monitor and Manage Lifecycle by Wave

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3. Traffic Engineering Enhancements

The connectivity components of HCX are critical to stretch networks and optimize mobility across data centers and clouds. We’re continually innovating in this area to promise you the fastest and most reliable movement of large numbers of VMs. The two latest enhancements are:

HCX Application Path Resiliency creates multiple tunnels from the source datacenter to destination. It then intelligently/dynamically routes the migration and network extension traffic over the optimal path for improved performance and resiliency.

HCX TCP Flow Conditioning dynamically manages TCP segment size for the traffic flowing over HCX network extension to eliminate fragments and minimize transport overheads.

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Are you ready to make the move?

With the continued adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies in 2020 and beyond, the need for workload mobility and migration will only increase. Are you ready to simplify your datacenter refresh, accelerate datacenter evacuations or kickstart public and private cloud usage? The key is to streamline the movement of your business-critical workloads..HCX is the mobility platform that will help you get started doing this today.

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