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Wavefront by VMware: Real-time, high-scale, metrics-driven monitoring

Introducing Wavefront by VMware, a metrics monitoring service for cloud-native environments
With the landscape of digital enterprise changing, DevOps and IT teams are facing increasing challenges in monitoring the sheer volume of data created by growing numbers of applications across a magnitude of microservices. They need to be able to identify and resolve operational and performance issues in these dynamic environments, and to do so requires sophisticated real-time analytics built into their monitoring platform.

Wavefront by VMware is a metrics monitoring and analytics platform designed for DevOps and developer teams to handle these high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications at digital enterprise level.

It enables agility, by combining massive scaleability with real time search and capabilities that drive universal adoption among engineering and operations teams, that’s why Wavefront is at the heart of the top cloud applications in the world including Box, British Gas/Hive and many others.

You can try it for free for 30-days. Sign up here.

Massive Scale
Wavefront provides metrics-driven analytics on a huge scale. It works as a direct add-on to existing applications offering highly-complex analytics and gives DevOps teams instant visualization of high-velocity metrics at millions of data points per second.

The collection of application and infrastructure performance data is seamless and helps resolve production issues more efficiently, identifying resource bottlenecks proactively, and understanding any business impacts ahead of their customers.

Real-time Search
Featuring 100 plus query-driven analytical functions, real-time search enables developers to quickly identify anomalies in code performance across all platforms. Proactive monitoring of native cloud applications featuring functional, analytics-driven smart alerts empowers teams to address code issues early on, avoiding potentially crippling issues for customers.

Universal Adoption
We know that one of the biggest challenges when it comes to operating a cloud environment is fostering collaboration between teams to manage often siloed, moving parts. You can’t force engineers to adopt a product – it must come from the bottom-up, and for Wavefront, the real success of the product lies in this adoption. Some of our customers have more than 1,000 Wavefront by VMware users and we’re excited to see this continuing to grow.

VMware’s focus is to help its customers maintain full control and visibility of data when using multiple private and public clouds. Complementing VMware’s Management and cloud strategies, Wavefront supports and enhances the entire suite of Cloud Management services. Operating as the first shared model for Developers and Ops, the speed, scale and flexibility of Wavefront by VMware provides teams with instant insight into, and a deeper understanding of, the performance of their cloud-native services across public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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