Don’t Miss Our “5 Ways to Keep Attackers Out” Live Stream on Thursday

Cybersecurity Awareness Month LogoJoin us tomorrow, October 29, at 6:00 AM Pacific for the last of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month talks (early in case our EMEA friends would like to join — cybersecurity is, in fact, a global task). This talk will cover ways to keep attackers out of vSphere and our related infrastructures. It’ll be short (~20 minutes) and to the point as we talk about ransomware, isolation, adding two-factor authentication, and reducing attack surface to help prevent bad actors from getting in and moving around in our data centers.

No registration needed, just show up on the live stream! Bring your questions if you have them, put them in the live chat. See you there!

We’ve done three other live-streamed talks throughout October:

Check out the recordings and the rest of the vSphere YouTube channel!