vCenter Converter Unavailable for Download

NOTE: The blog announcement below is obsolete. A new version of vCenter Converter was released in October 2022. To learn more, please read our October 2022 blog announcement.

We have removed vCenter Converter from the list of VMware product downloads. This is a precautionary measure to protect our customers from using legacy technology that does not comply with VMware’s high standards for security and stability. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Offering unsupported products based on legacy technology presents potential security and reliability risks to our customers. The last release of vCenter Converter occurred in May 2018, and its support officially ended in December 2019. While we understand some customers may want to use this tool, the risks reached a level where we had no choice but to remove it from the download site.

One of our top goals is to maintain the safety and stability of our customers’ workloads. As part of a technology’s evolution, we must consider the technical standards the customers must comply with. When a straightforward update cannot meet compliance requirements, the product needs to undergo a thorough rebuild. This is the case with vCenter Converter, whose functionality will be migrated to a modern platform based on a reliable technology stack.

Work on a renewed version of vCenter Converter is already in progress. Although we cannot commit to any specific timelines for its release, the updated tool will meet our high standards for security and stability, providing enhanced functionality and supporting the latest technologies available in vSphere virtual machines.