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It’s Time to Modernize Your VDI Platform

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and VMware Horizon


Did the quick pivot to work from home catch your organization off guard? Ensuring that employees could be just as productive working out of their homes as they could be in the office was the ultimate litmus test for teams responsible for end-user computing. The year 2020 has introduced numerous challenges to business operations and caused many IT organizations to rethink their existing practices to ensure they are no longer solely focused on the present.

With millions of workers across the country needing secure access to business applications and data, all of a sudden, many organizations faced trouble responding to requests and sessions at levels several multiples above what was typically handled. If this brought your operations to a slow crawl, then it could be the time to rethink the way you deliver these solutions to your end-users. If your existing on-premises VDI deployment is under strain, and you are ready to explore new options, we have put together some new resources to help.


Some key things to consider:


  • Making sure you select the right infrastructure
  • Dealing with interoperability between deployments
  • Managing at scale and delivering a personalized experience for employees
  • Ensuring you can scale to meet increased demand.
  • Certifying the security of desktops and applications

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