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Tweet Chat Recap: vForum Online Featuring Team #vSAN

In the spirit of integration and cross-collaboration, we hosted another vSphere Chat with our friends over at vSAN to discuss the ins and outs of vForum Online. Joining us on this adventure through vForum Online were resident VMware experts, Bob Plankers and Mike Foley for Team vSphere, Sonali Desai for Team VMware Cloud on AWS, Keith Lee from Team Tanzu, Pete Flecha and John Nicholson from Team vSAN, Elena Salazar and Christian Lowery from the VMware Events team, and finally from Team Cloud Foundation, Josh Townsend and Rick Walsworth. With a packed house, let’s dive into the recap of all the questions and insights from all these great experts & more!

Q1. For those who have never attended a virtual event like vForum Online before, what are some tips and tricks for making the most of the experience?

Elena Salazar

A1: To get the most out of vForum Online…

– Build your personal agenda ahead of time

– Prepare questions to ask experts during the Q&A segments

– Place blocks in your calendar to avoid distractions

Bob Plankers

A1: Blocking the calendar is the best idea here! Plus, I believe that the sessions will be available afterward so pick the ones you want to ask questions in.

Josh Townsend

A1: Ask the experts! There are lots of smart people waiting to answer questions on vForum Online. Ask your toughest questions on any @VMware question and get that social interaction you’ve been craving!

Bob Plankers

A1 Part 2: +1 to this, lots of people online there. Just look at all the sessions and know that the experts are sitting in the Q&A for you:

VMware Events

A1: If you meet someone in one of the virtual sessions, make sure to connect on social media before signing off!

Q2: Besides the vSphere 7 and VMware on AWS sessions, what are some other can’t-miss topics & sessions for vSphere admins?

Bob Plankers

A2: vSphere with Kubernetes ones, HCI ones, and the intrinsic security ones that fit your organization’s needs are good ideas, if you ask me!

Keith Lee

A2: If you/your company are starting on the Kubernetes journey then check out the “App Modernization” track at vForum Online with several talks and @VMwareHOL’s on how using VMware Tanzu and vSphere with Kubernetes make it easy.

VMware Events

A2:  There are 14 VMware Hands-on Labs you don’t want to miss!

Q3: Who are some of the VMware experts that will be presenting during vForum Online?

Rick Walsworth

A3: Many of the folks on this tweet chat have vForum Online breakout sessions, but to see the entire list of technical sessions go here:

Pete Flecha

A3 Part 2: Wow, looking at this catalog, this is like a mini VMworld. Looking forward to the SD-WAN, VMC, HCX and Kubernetes sessions.

VMware Events

A3 Part 3: That’s exactly how one of our vExpert bloggers described it!

Pete Flecha

A3 Part 5: I’m presenting the What’s new with vSAN 7 but I brought my friends @Lost_Signal and @vmpete to help me with the chat so bring all the questions, which are my favorite part!

Q4: Can you give us a sneak peek into what will be covered in the “Maximizing the Benefits of vSphere 7” vForum Online session?

VMware Events

A4: This session focuses on how VMware vSphere capabilities evolve across multi-cloud environments, intrinsic security and container orchestration!

Q5: What kind of vSphere 7 with Kubernetes or VMware on AWS information can we expect at vForum Online in the ‘Building Modern Apps’ sessions?

Rick Walsworth

A5: Look through the vForum Online guide and highlight the App Modernization and multi-cloud tracks on this agenda and you’ll see all of the solid technical breakouts that cover this in-depth.

Q6: What if someone wants even more vSphere 7 with Kubernetes or VMware on AWS info after vForum Online? Where should they go?

Bob Plankers

A6: Check out the VMware vSphere Blog:

Keith Lee

A6: Shameless plug but if you want to know more in what’s happening in the Kubernetes space and ecosystem around it…check out my recent blog post on Kubernetes podcasts:

A6 Part 2: Previous VMworld sessions and blogs such as the VMware Tanzu Blog and the VMware vSphere Blog are great resources! Don’t forget the awesome @virtspeaking podcast by @vPedroArrow & @Lost_Signal!

Bob Plankers

A6 Part 3: It’d be shameless if there wasn’t great content there. This is just plain helpful! 🙂

Mike Foley

A6: More links to more vSphere with Kubernetes blogs: vSphere Pod Service & vSphere Namespaces!

A6 Part 2: I have a number of blogs on the VMware vSphere Blog on vSphere with Kubernetes, like the 101 Whitepaper and TKG Clusters.

Q7: What are some examples of real-life business cases we’ll hear about at vForum Online 2020?

A7: We live in a new world where so many people are even more dependent on technology. The good news is that VMware has been able to service the needs of our customers well during the pandemic. You may hear how our Workspace ONE and Horizon solutions help remote work while also hearing how our Hybrid Cloud solutions help to ensure infrastructure reliability and flexibility to run workloads where it makes the most sense. From securing your infrastructure and applications to building new apps with Kubernetes to solving cutting edge problems with AI and ML – there will be something for everyone!

Q8: What should I tell my boss to convince them that I should attend vForum Online? Any tips for how to convince my coworkers to attend as well?

Rick Walsworth

A8: Hmmm, let’s see –
Boss, I want to attend the VMware vForum Online because:

a). It’s Free
b). It’s got awesome technical tracks and VMware experts
c). It’s completely virtual.

Did I mention that it is FREE?

John Nicholson

A8: “I’m signing up for free training, can I expense Uber Eats for lunch?”

A8 Part 2: If my boss will not let me do free training, I’m finding a new boss 🙂


A8: Tell them about our carbon savings calculator!

It tracks the carbon emissions your company saves by attending the event virtually instead of flying to the Palo Alto campus. The more employees who attend, the more carbon emissions your company will save!

Q9: What’s your #1 pro-tip for getting the most out of vForum Online?

Rick Walsworth

A9: Get social and network with as many people as you can. Plan your vForum journey ahead of time, use this guide to map out the tracks and sessions that you want to attend:

John Nicholson

A9 Part 2: Put it on a big screen. I use AirPlay to send my laptop to my 70” TV.

John Nicholson

A9 Part 4: Warning @vPedroArrow may appear taller on the TV than in real life.

Keith Lee

A9: Ask questions! You have access to SO many friendly vExperts who want to help and share their knowledge!

And that’s a wrap for another vSphere Chat! We hope you enjoyed this vSphere Chat on vForum Online as much as we did –– now is the perfect time to register!

A special thank you to our vSphere experts –– Bob Plankers (@plankers) and Mike Foley (@mikefoley), as well as our other experts and vSphere fans from around the globe who tuned in and contributed. This wouldn’t be possible without our vExperts, loyal fans, and customers!

Follow the additional VMware experts who participated in this and the vSAN chat, including John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal), Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow), Josh Townsend (@joshuatownsend), Rick Walsworth (@RickWalsworth), Sonali Desai (@sonaliddesai), and Keith Lee (@KeithRichardLee).

Special thank you to participants Elena Salazar (@elenacsalazar) and Christian Lowery (@clowerycontent) from the VMware Events team, your #1 resource for all things vForum Online.

Remember to follow @VMwarevSphere and stay tuned for our monthly expert chats. Join the conversation by using the #vSphereChat hashtag and asking your questions. Have a specific topic you’d like to cover? Contact us and we’ll bring the topic to our experts for consideration.

In the meantime, stay tuned to our channels because we’re busy planning the next vSphere Chat. More to come!

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