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vSphere with Kubernetes 101 Whitepaper

VMware Cloud Native Apps IconThe excitement and interest around vSphere with Kubernetes, formerly known as Project Pacific, is just incredible! In order to help vSphere Administrators get their arms around the fundamental changes coming to the industry we’ve put together a whitepaper called vSphere with Kubernetes 101 for the vSphere Administrator. In the paper you’ll get a glossary of updated names for the key features and an easy to understand overview of what each component in vSphere with Kubernetes does.

As pointed out in the title, this is a 101 document to help you get started on your journey. After many years in this industry I’ve seen a lot of change. What I see with Kubernetes, and especially with vSphere with Kubernetes, is a fundamental change in how resources are provisioned. It switches up things from individually configuring all of the things needed to run a workload to just declaring what you need and the infrastructure providing it. It abstracts from the developer the need to know the minutia of the underlying infrastructure and allows her or him to get on with their jobs. But the really cool thing to me is how this could be used to make the life of the vSphere Administrator easier over time. There’s a ton of potential and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes!

So, sign up for the paper and give it a read. Let me know via Twitter @mikefoley (DMs are open) what you think. Let me know also what you, the vSphere Administrator, wants to see more of when it comes to vSphere with Kubernetes.

Thanks for reading!


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