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Protecting VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with Dell Data Protection

Data center infrastructures are only as resilient and available as the implemented protection strategy. Natural disasters, connectivity disruptions, power outages, or criminal infiltration are all examples of real scenarios that threaten the utilization, integrity, and security of the infrastructure-resident data. A comprehensive data protection solution will not only consistently protect and backup infrastructure data, but also facilitate timely recovery of this data when this becomes necessary.

Comprehensive data protection is critically important for all infrastructures.

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It is for this reason that VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has partnered with Dell EMC to offer Dell Data Protection for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Dell Data Protection solutions take a comprehensive full-system approach to protecting data and offer a broad portfolio of software and hardware products enabling a high-degree of solution choice and customization.


The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and Dell Data Protection teams recently presented a webinar that discussed how Dell Data Protection provides comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, regardless whether deployed on-premise or at the edge.  You can watch a replay of this webinar  or download the associated solution guide – both which explain how VMware and Dell EMC together provide customers with a fully protected, fully managed infrastructure as-a-Service on-premise or at the edge that is delivered as a subscription with monthly billing.