VMware Cloud on Dell EMC IconHave you been considering moving your organization’s workloads to the public cloud due to spiraling costs, however application latency, management transparency, and corporate data security concerns have you reconsidering on-premises modernization? Maybe your company is interested in compute-enabling your edge , however the support costs of deploying and maintaining compute at the edge has prevented moving these plans forward.

In either case, VMware offers a solution that addresses these concerns.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is the first and only fully managed infrastructure as a service, which comes pre-configured to customer specifications and delivered on-premise or to edge locations. Built around Dell EMC’s VxRail technology, the racked infrastructure arrives ready to deploy with VMware’s Cloud Foundation software pre-installed and included in the monthly subscription cost. The service includes continuous health monitoring of the hardware, VMware software patching and upgrade, security updates, life cycle management, support and onsite service. Professional installation of the infrastructure is even included.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is the only true infrastructure as a service offering that delivers a fully managed Hyper Converged infrastructure that includes VMware Cloud Foundation software with monthly ‘cloud-like’ subscription billing.

For more information on this innovative VMware service offering, including rack infrastructure specifications and options available, please download the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC data sheet or view the other resources available on the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Webpage.