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Is Your On-Premises Existence Under Scrutiny? VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Offers a Solution

For many IT teams and organizations, maintaining an on-premises infrastructure has become an increasing challenge. The introduction of the public cloud, along with the wholesale perception that running workloads in the public cloud is less expensive and provides an equivalent environment for previously on-premises workloads have captured significant attention. While the popularity of the public cloud is an undeniable force, without considering the disadvantages of relocating applications from on-premises data centers to the public cloud organizations are unable to make a balanced business decision.

cloud computing vs data center

From the finance perspective, the traditional process of accounting for expensive capital-funded on-premises infrastructure updates creates extra work accounting for the infrastructure assets across the life span of the equipment. For accounting teams – the main allure of moving to the public cloud is that it eliminates the significant capital spend necessary to refresh the infrastructure every few years, replacing that cost with a more manageable monthly bill from the public cloud provider.

From the IT perspective, moving applications to the public cloud requires most applications be refactored which takes time, can be costly, may introduce stability issues, and once refactored, restricts the application’s hosting to the cloud provider it was refactored for. Besides lack of application portability, applications moved to the cloud often suffer reduced IT management visibility and added latency that can significantly impair the performance and function of an application. Both of these challenges have yielded to many IT teams choosing to keep these applications on-premises and close to the application end users. Additional considerations, including physical data security, data sovereignty and compliance concerns have further fueled the ongoing need for on-premises infrastructure.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC’s SDDC-as-a-Service offering addresses the customers concerns outlined above. The service delivers a fully managed infrastructure as a service on-premises that offers a cloud-like monthly billing model eliminating CapEx spend.

This combination eases the IT Team’s infrastructure management concerns by delivering a modernized, Hyper Converged infrastructure on-premises that is fully managed by VMware and includes all necessary hardware and VMware SDDC software in the subscription price.

While VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is ideal for organizations that need to maintain on-premises infrastructure for locally utilized applications, it is also ideal for companies or industries who have an increasing need to implement enterprise-scale computing at the edges of their network and do not have “local” resources to manage these edge deployments at each site.

Ordering VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a simple process: customers access VMware’s Cloud Services Portal (CSP), which walks them through the configuration  process. Once this step is complete, the customer clicks the order button. The customer’s service-based infrastructure is then built to their specifications, tested, pre-loaded with VMware SDDC software and customer networking information, and shipped to the to the delivery address provided. Once delivered, a technician arrives at the customer site to install and test the infrastructure before turning the infrastructure over to the customer. At this point, VMware assumes for responsibility for proactively monitoring the infrastructure, scheduling software patching and upgrade activities. If a hardware issue surfaces requiring an onsite remediation, VMware immediately dispatches a service technician to replace the faulty component.

In summary, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides customers another VMware Hybrid Cloud option to continue operating their data centers effectively without traditional capital-funded Infrastructure refresh spend and the ongoing burden of maintaining their physical data center infrastructure.

A brief, yet informative overview is provided by the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Infrastructure as a Service Overview Video

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