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Introducing VMware Skyline Health for vSphere

vSphere Health & vSAN Health have been very instrumental in assisting customers to triage their vSphere 6.7 environments for configuration consistency, best practice information, vulnerability discovery, and proactive analytics. Today I am happy to announce that vSphere and vSAN Health are now part of VMware Skyline Health, including these two powerful features of vSphere under one umbrella, available to all customers via (Basic, Production, and Premier Support levels). VMware Skyline HealthOnce available in a future version, within the vSphere Client, “Skyline Health” will replace the wording for vSphere and vSAN Health. The same health checks customers are familiar with today in vSphere will still be available under Skyline Health for vSphere allowing consistent findings & recommendations, whether you’re in the vSphere Client, or Skyline Advisor. VMware Skyline Health

Note: To enable vSphere Health checks & vSAN Health online findings, you must participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) and vCenter Server must have internet connectivity. If you do not wish to join the CEIP, or allow internet connectivity to vCenter Server, you will still receive in-product health checks for Skyline Health for vSAN.

VMware Skyline Health for vSphere & vSAN

vSphere Health was introduced in vSphere 6.7 to assist customers in a self-service manner, by discovering environmental issues and even best practices by analyzing telemetry data collected from the vSphere environment. This feature is enabled by joining the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) VMware Skyline Health for vSphere and vSAN will allow environmental health to bubble up to Skyline Advisor by leveraging already available vSphere & vSAN Health findings. Unifying vSphere and vSAN health services under Skyline also opens the door for future features & functionality across all 3 services. Let’s breakdown what is available today and how each health service differs. Below is a comparison of each health service as they are by feature set and how each differs.

Skyline Health

Having a streamlined and consolidated workflow for the health of a vSphere environment now allows customers to also leverage VMware Skyline Collector which easily enables advanced health and analytics.

What is Skyline?

Skyline is a VMware proactive support solution that is available to all customers who have an active Production Support or Premier Support entitlement. Skyline helps identify potential issues for vSphere, as well as, NSX-V, vSAN, Horizon 7 and vRealize Operations. Skyline also includes SkylineLog Assist, which reduces customer efforts when uploading support log bundles to VMware Global Support Services (GSS). To learn more about Skyline, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit, and click the Get Started button.
  • Follow the Get Started wizard which includes creating a Cloud Services Organization (if you don’t have one already) and downloading/installing the Skyline Collector.

VMware Skyline Health

Wrapping Up

Skyline Health for vSphere & vSAN will be available within a future version of vSphere and vSAN. Stay updated on Skyline Health via the vSphere Blog, and please follow VMware vSphere (@VMwarevSphere)  & VMware Skyline (@VMwareSkyline) on Twitter for up-to-date information related to VMware proactive support services.

Skyline Health Resources:

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