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vSphere Tweet Chat Recap: Know Before You Go to VMworld

To answer all of your questions so you know before you go to VMworld 2019, vSphere hosted a Tweet Chat featuring VMWonAWS and VMWonDellEMC team members.  The chat featured Nigel Hickey, vSphere Technical Marketing Architect, Jeremiah Megie, VMware Cloud on AWS Senior Technical Marketing Architect, and Ken Smith, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Product Marketing Manager. All of these experts shared valuable pre-event insights to help everyone, from first-time attendees to VMworld veterans, get the scoop on all things VMworld. Keep reading to get all the details.

A1: I believe the Hangspace/VM Village is one of the most under-valued sections to meet and greet other attendees. So many great conversations and connections begin there. Check it out! ­– Nigel

A1: I personally enjoy face-to-face customer time discussing their IT challenges and how VMware technologies can help them solve these challenges. – Ken

A1: One of my favorite things to do is to hang around the blogger area to engage in some great conversations, and even pick up a few cool stickers! – Jeremiah

A2: Go slow, and pace yourself with sessions, etc. Absolutely stay hydrated, also! You do not want that feeling when you’re trying to learn new things. Also, DO NOT be afraid to say hello to someone you do not know already. ­– Nigel

A2: 1. Wear comfortable shoes. 2. Networking is as important as attending sessions. Do both, and shadow some VMworld veterans if you can to make even more introductions. – Jeremiah

A3: Maaaybeee… – Jeremiah

A3: That’s a possibility, you have to follow the Keynotes for more details! But here’s a great session I have: #HBI1576BU, A Year in the Life of an HCI Admin with John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal), From Day 0 to Day 365, what do operations look like for an HCI admin. – Nigel

A3: Hey folks – the VMware Cloud marketing team will be on hand at VMworld to promote VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: our fully-managed infrastructure as-a-service that is sold, maintained, managed, supported, and serviced by VMware. – Ken

A3: We will be presenting several informative VMware Cloud on Dell EMC breakout sessions listed here. – Ken

A3: Interested in learning how your IT organization can free itself from the management and CapEx expense of your IT Infrastructure? Set up a VMworld Customer meeting with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC experts. Contact your VMware Account Representatives to request a meeting- we’d love to meet you. – Ken

A4: HOL: Getting Started with VMware Cloud on AWS; Workshops: Getting Started with VMware Cloud on AWS; VMware Cloud on AWS From Test Drive to Full Speed – Jeremiah

A4: Definitely go try out HOL-2011: vSphere Platinum – Nigel

 A5: Not a chance! Deep dives are the best way to learn; whether you have 100 or 400 level knowledge of the topic. You’ll leave with new information and a better understanding guaranteed! ­– Jeremiah

A5: The best sessions are deep dives! Do not be intimidated. Step out of your comfort zone, it is the only way to learn new things and grow. – Nigel

 A6: We have a number of highly technical sessions for #VMWonAWS check out the complete list, here. – Jeremiah

 A6: For a complete listing of vSphere 6.7 sessions see here; Notables are: PowerCLI Deep Dive Level 300 – [US: HBI1729BU] and How GPU-Assisted ML for Medical Research Proved to Be a Force for Good Level 300 – [US: HBI1546BU] AI. – Nigel

A7: We have a plethora of resources available from white papers and technical documentation, to feature walkthroughs and YouTube videos. Check out all of our resources, here. – Jeremiah

A7: For more information on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, see our product web page. Latest updates on where you can get your VMware Cloud on Dell EMC questions answered at VMworld 2019 can be found in my blog. – Ken

A7: A great place to start is vSphere Central and also the vSphere Blog. – Nigel

A8: Check out our Solutions Briefs and Practitioners Quick References. – Jeremiah

A8: This is great post from Mike Foley (@mikefoley) with Cubic Mission Solutions discussing vSphere 6.7 and security requirements. – Nigel

Thank you joining our VMworld 2019 vSphere Chat, featuring (awesome) experts from #VMWonAWS and #VMWonDellEMC! See you next time, and keep an eye out for a wrap-up of today’s chat by checking out our blog:

A huge shout out to our experts, Nigel Hickey (@vCenterNerd), Jeremiah Megie (@vMegie) and Ken Smith (@kensmith100865), in addition to all of the other participants who joined. We’ll see you at VMworld 2019 in beautiful San Francisco from August 25 to August 29!

Stay tuned for our monthly Tweet Chats, and join the conversation by using the #vSphereChat hashtag. Have a specific topic that you’d like to cover? Reach out to us at @VMwarevSphere and we’ll bring your topic to our experts for consideration. For now, we’ll see you in the Twittersphere!