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VMworld US 2019 – Day 4 Recap

Day 4 at VMworld US 2019 is over, and so closes the Solutions Exchange. There was a party, though, with the inimitable Billy Idol and OneRepublic, and a good time was had by all.

Notable Announcements & News

This week was front-loaded with announcements, and there is amazing coverage of it throughout the tech industry news. None is more interesting than Project Pacific, bringing Kubernetes and containers into the enterprise alongside more traditional virtual machine workloads. It’s the best of both worlds, where traditional vSphere users continue to have the environment they know and appreciate, and the cloud-native applications join their more traditional brethren in environments with intrinsic security, availability, reliability, and support.

Things to See Tomorrow (on 8/29/2019)

It’s the last day but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going on! Now’s the time to finish up any Hands-on Labs, though the HOL is available year-round online if you miss your opportunity now.

There are still dozens of sessions running tomorrow, with very deep and interesting topics throughout. Additionally, the Certification Center is still running, so go get that certification you’ve been thinking about. It’d be a great souvenir of VMworld US 2019.

Safe travels if you’re leaving the area, thank you for coming to VMworld, and thank you for being our customers and partners.

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