Deployment (Day 1) is over and you have successfully deployed your vCenter Server, configured your data center, created clusters and configured hosts. That feeling of completion is great right? Well at this point, the vCenter Server may be running great but what about setting up the File-Based Backup and Restore, deploying a Content Library, or even checking the health of vSphere and vSAN? These are just a few tasks that fall under Day 2 Operations for vCenter Server.

Day 2 Operations

I think it is important to note that Day 2 Operations can mean different things to each individual, department, or company. These Operations or Configurations can cover a wide range of options when it comes to an IT environment. When discussing Day 2 Operations for vCenter Server I am referring to the additional configuration of VCSA features and settings that tend to happen after Day 1 in greenfield or even adding value to brownfield environments to help run optimally.

These tasks are often overlooked when not included as requirements during deployment. Leveraging additional vCenter Server features within a vSphere environment cannot only make administration life easier, but it also provides a rich user experience that customers expect. vCenter Server 6.7 has many features that are easily configured to assist with tasks like; validating the healthiness of vSphere, shipping logs off to a Syslog Server for retention, managing VM templates from Content Library, and even scheduling file-based backups of the VCSA.

vCenter Server Product Walkthroughs

I am happy to share the publication of four new Product Walkthroughs (PWT) for vCenter Server as it relates to Day 2 Operations as well as an update to our Top Day 2 Knowledgebase Articles. Each product walkthrough can assist customers through the experience of using a specific feature along with step-by-step guidance, a test drive, of these features. Product walkthroughs are listed by the section they reside on vSphere Central.

New vCenter Server Product Walkthroughs:


As you explore each Product Walkthrough think of use cases where these features are solving a problem or helping reach a milestone or even compliance goals. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more vCenter Server Day 2 Operations product walkthroughs in the future!