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Build Security and Agility into your Infrastructure

As enterprises transition to digital businesses, there is a significant growth in the number and variety of applications. Modern applications are different from those of the past. Software is written and deployed faster and in more places than before. Today’s distributed applications go well beyond one or two virtual machines (VMs) in a data center. They encompass many VMs, residing on different platforms and in different clouds—public and private—located across geographical locations and edge devices. There is a need for IT infrastructure to not only keep up with the speed of the business but also secure these distributed apps and adopt to dynamic in-app changes to ensure protection against newer unknown threats.

Two proven VMware technologies, deployed together boost IT administrators’ efforts to speed application delivery, strengthen security processes, and become more agile in addressing the changing, real-time needs of business. VMware vSphere® Platinum™ and NSX® Data Center form flexible digital infrastructure that provides an efficient and secure platform for deploying applications.
vSphere Platinum and NSX

Download the solutions brief to learn how vSphere Platinum and NSX Data Center enable IT to provision, deploy and secure applications, enabling businesses to stay secure and competitive in the market.

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