I’d like to announce the availability of a new white paper for VMware vSphere VM Encryption!

VM Encryption is a feature that was introduced in vSphere 6.5. The audience for this white paper is the Manager/Director/C-level folks who want to understand how vSphere VM Encryption differs from other virtual machine encryption solutions. It addresses some of the operational challenges that IT is faced with when it comes to virtual machine encryption solutions and how vSphere VM Encryption uniquely addresses those challenges.

If you want to compare and understand In-Guest encryption, array based encryption or self encrypting drives versus VM Encryption, this is the paper for you. It was designed and written to help you make an informed decision.

FYI: This paper is not a replacement for the documentation or a technical “how to” document.

VMware vSphere VM Encryption White Paper

It is also available on the following pages:

I hope it helps you when you are investigating which security solutions to implement in your data center!


About the Author

Mike Foley

Mike Foley is a Staff Technical Marketing Architect for vSphere Security at VMware. His primary goal is to help IT Admins build more secure platforms that stand up to scrutiny from security teams with the least impact to IT Operations. Mike is also the current author of the vSphere Security Configuration (formerly Hardening) Guide. Previously, Mike was on the evangelist team at RSA where he concentrated on virtualization and cloud security. Mike was awarded a patent (8,601,544) in December 2013 for dual-band authentication using the virtual infrastructure Mike has a personal blog at and contributes to the VMware vSphere and Security blogs as well. Follow him at @vSphereSecurity on Twitter