Platform Services Controller Topology Decision Tree

UPDATE 8/12/2016

I’ve updated this post with an actual poster. See the PDF at the bottom of the post which can be printed at full size (24 in x 36 in). Emad and I will also have printed copies at VMworld US & EMEA.

There have been several common themes recently when we’ve been talking to Customers, Partners, and our colleagues within VMware. One of those themes is that there has been quite an uptick in Customers planning their move to vSphere 6. A side effect of this is that there have been a deluge of discussions and questions around the Platform Services Controller. One of the many areas where we’re trying to do better at providing prescriptive information is with helping Customers design their vSphere 6 environment including the PSC.

Introducing the VMware Platform Services Controller 6.0 Topology Decision Tree

The Platform Services Controller Topology Decision Tree aims to be a quick reference guide in determining which high-level PSC topology is the best fit for a design’s requirements. There are six high-level PSC topologies VMware recommends:

  1. vCenter Server with Embedded PSC
  2. vCenter Server with External PSC
  3. PSC in Replicated Configuration
  4. PSC in HA Configuration
  5. vCenter Server Deployment Across Sites
  6. vCenter Server Deployment Across Sites with Load Balancer

There are also several PSC topologies that are deprecated. The deprecated topologies are not covered in this diagram as new designs should not be using those topologies. There will be no support or upgrade path for the deprecated topologies in the next version of vSphere.

Additional Notes

This diagram will:

  • be a starting point for vSphere 6.0 designs
  • aid in making some of the key design decisions
  • continuously be updated based on feedback
  • be used in other forms (such as an interactive walkthrough) in the future

This diagram will not:

  • be an all-inclusive resource (can’t replace KB & Documentation with a single diagram)
  • cover each and every use case, design scenario, or customer environment
  • be expanded to cover other products (we have a VMware Validated Design for that)

This is very much a first pass at this decision tree so any and all feedback is welcomed. My contact information is included in the document in the Useful Links and Information box in the upper right of the diagram should you want to pass along any feedback via email. You can also reach us on twitter via @eck79 and @emad_younis. Also note that the PDF is poster sized (24 in x 36 in) for those that may have access to a plotter. I can’t guarantee it, but my hope is this will evolve into an official VMware poster and if it does I’ll have a big stack to give out at VMworld and VMUG events [Update – it is now an official poster!]. So please provide your feedback so we can make this a really great resource.

Thank you to all that will be helping improve this resource for Customers and the Community!


VMware Platform Services Controller 6.0 Topology Decision Tree Poster