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Announcing Availability of vSphere 7 Update 3c

In November, we took the unprecedented step to retract the ESXi 7 Update 3 release from the market. This was to protect our customers from some potential failures as they upgrade to ESXi 7 Update 3 and our desire to minimize customer exposure to them.  We’re pleased to announce that we have resolved these issues and are re-releasing ESXi 7 Update 3 to the market as part of vSphere 7 Update 3c. We have also updated vCenter Server as part of this Update 3c release announcement.

For information on this release, please visit:

For more information on the features and capabilities included in the vSphere 7 Update 3 release, read this blog.

As you can see, this is an important release with highly valuable features and delivers a quality, trusted infrastructure for the most demanding applications. Based on a root cause analysis of the issues we uncovered in the previous version, we have extended our testing and interoperability validation both internally and with our partners. We expect this rigor to be evident in the quality of this release. Note that this release also addresses the Apache Log4j critical security vulnerabilities.

We know vSphere is at the heart of your data center and is trusted to run critical workloads for hundreds of thousands of our customers worldwide. You have our commitment to deliver a great product, with the quality and trusted security that you expect.

Download vSphere 7 Update 3c today.

– Paul Turner and the VMware vSphere team