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VMware Host Client 1.0 is now GA

On behalf of the VMware Host Client team, I am pleased to announce that the VMware Host Client v1.0 is GA and shipping with vSphere update 6.0U2.

VMware Host Client overview

The VMware Host Client is an HTML5-based UI client that is used to connect to and manage single ESXi hosts. It can be used to perform administrative tasks to manage host resources such as VMs, Networking and Storage. This UI client is also designed for troubleshooting individual VMs or hosts during times when vCenter and the vSphere Web Client are unavailable.

vSphere 6.0 continues to support the Windows-based vSphere Client (also known as C# Client, or the VI Client.) Customers now also have the option to use the HTML5-based VMware Host Client to perform host-based operations in its place.

What’s available in v1.0?

  • Support for hardware version 4 through 11
  • Support for VM lifecycle operations, such as deploying, configuring, and editing virtual machines of various complexity, including console access and snapshot management
  • Creating and managing network resources such as port groups, switches, NICs and firewalls.
  • Creating and managing storage resources such as datastores, adapters and devices
  • Managing host configurations such as running/stopping services and tuning of advanced host parameters to improve performance
  • Display of resource settings and graphs of cpu, memory, disk and network utilization
  • Display of events, tasks and logs of resource components to aid in troubleshooting
  • And most importantly, nothing to INSTALL – just point your browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari) to your host’s IP address and you’re up and running!

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