Product Announcements

Photon OS 4.0 Rev 2 is now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Photon OS 4.0 rev 2.


Users can download this release from in pre-packaged binary formats, including bootable x86_64 and arm64 ISOs, pre-installed minimal OVA customized for a VMware hypervisor environment, Amazon AMI image, Google GCE image, Azure VHD, as well as a Raspberry Pi Image.

Our Special Thanks to the Photon OS open source community for their support and contribution to making this release happen.

Highlights of the Release

  • Support for OpenSSL 3.0
    – OpenSSL 3.0 is now default
  • Introducing pmd-nextgen
     – Cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, lightweight remote management tool.
    – Controls the systemd services and more on Photon OS using REST API.
    – Provides non-intrusive API-based monitoring,
    – Uses REST API for real-time configuration and performance and Linux-based systems’ health monitoring
  • Real-Time enhancements
     – Low-latency improvements and OS jitter reduction
    – Stability and debugging enhancements
  • Other Enhancements
    – Enhancements and bug fixes to tdnf
    – Support of GNU tarfs for Linux-esx kernel
    – eBPF support for Linux Kernel
    – Installer enhancements such as
    Secondary Kickstart device support and User-specified media mounting options.
  • Important package updates
     – Linux kernel 5.10.83
    – Glibc 2.32
    – Systemd 247.10,
    – Python3 3.10.0
    – Openjdk : 11.0.9
    – Openssl : 3.0.0
    – Cloud-init: 21.4. 

Contribute to Photon OS
The Photon OS project team welcomes contributions from the community! Your comments, suggestions, issue reports, and pull requests help us improve Photon OS’s releases!
You can find the resources in the following link to start contributing –