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VMworld US 2015 Spotlight Session: Project Capstone, a Collaboration between VMW, HP & IBM

No Application Left behind

This year at VMworld 2015 US in San Francisco, over 40 sessions focused on Business Critical Applications and databases will be delivered by a broad cast of VMware experts. These experts include VMware product specialists, partners, customers, and end users (developers and data scientists).

One specific session that we would like to shine the spotlight on is VAPP6952-S, “VMware Project Capstone”, in which VMware, HP and IBM will announce a collaborative effort to virtualize the highest demanding applications. As a result of this partnership between VMware, HP, and IBM, we can now more than ever, confidently claim that all applications and databases are candidates for virtualized infrastructure.  This joint effort, which utilizes an HP Superdome X and an IBM FlashSystem with massive 120 vCPU VMs on vSphere 6 running Oracle 12c constitutes the most significant advancement in the area of virtualization of Business Critical Applications in many years.

The session takes place Monday, August 31st at 5PM. Join us for this session to learn about this game changing initiative.

VMware Project Capstone, a Collaboration of VMware, HP and IBM, driving Oracle to Soar Beyond the Clouds using vSphere 6, an HP Superdome X and an IBM FlashSystem ®

 Abstract: When three of the most historically significant and iconic technology companies join forces, even the sky is not the limit.  VMware, HP and IBM have collaborated on a project whose scope both eradicates the long accepted boundaries of virtualization for extreme high performance and establishes a new approach to cooperative solution building.

The Superdome X is HP’s first Xeon based Superdome and when combined with an IBM FlashSystem ®  and virtualized with vSphere 6, the raw capabilities of this stack challenge the imagination and dispel previously held notions of performance limitations in virtualized environments.  The Superdome X and the FlashSystem  comprise a unique stack for all Business Critical Applications and databases. The most demanding environments can now be virtualized. It is no longer obligatory for VMware to claim that 99.9% of all applications and databases are candidates for virtualized infrastructure, as that number is now 100%.  This spotlight session features senior executive management from VMware, HP and IBM and an introduction of the tests results of this unprecedented collaborative effort.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The methodologies that are being used to drive the Superdome X and the IBM FlashSystem ® to the far edges of known performance.
  2. The reasons behind the joint effort of these three renowned companies as well as the aspirations for this collaboration.
  3. An understanding of how this new landmark architecture can affect the industry and benefit customers who have extreme but broad performance requirements.