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VMworld 2015: Extreme Performance Series

Who loves virtual Performance? Who wants to learn more about it?

Everybody of course!

I’m very excited about this year’s Extreme Performance Series mini-track being hosted at VMworld San Francisco and Barcelona. These sessions are created and presented by VMware’s best and most distinguished performance engineers, architects and gurus. I’ve tried to provide my personal thoughts on each session but these few words will never do them justice. Hope too see you all there!


#INF4764 – vCenter Performance Best Practices with Ravi Soundararajan (@vCenterPerfGuy)

Ravi needs no introduction within VMware and after attending this session you’ll recognize that this dynamic character not only lives and breaths vCenter but you’ll remember him thereafter for showing you how to make vCenter do your bidding. If you’ve ever wanted a deep dive into vCenter, its components, interactions and how to make it perform, you cannot afford to miss this session.

#INF5701 – vCenter Compute & Memory with Seongbeom Kim and Fei Guo

Seongbeom and Fei are two of my most trusted advisors when it comes to memory and compute. They’ve previously presented on the cpu scheduler, memory reclamation techniques, vNUMA, etc. This year, I’ve asked them to show off what excites them about compute and memory with an action packed agenda of advanced scheduler techniques at an atomic level, overhead assessments and tips/tricks to maximize performance.

#INF4936 – Insight Into vSphere 6 vMotion: Architecture, Features, Performance and Debugging with Sreekanth Setty and Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin

Join this session to learn about the latest vMotion developments. We’ve being doing vMotion magic for years and continue to develop it to meets the needs of an ever expanding clouds and shrinking geographies.

#VAPP4639 – Best Practices for Performance Tuning of Virtualized Telco and NFV Applications on vSphere ESXi with Bhavesh Davda and Jin Heo

Some of the most challenging workloads to virtualize include Telco and NFV applications due to the demanding requirements and even more so, the need for predictable low latency performance. This team, staff from our CTO office and performance engineering, will be showing off the latest capabilities and practices to achieve this.

#INF4853 – Docker Containers on vSphere: Performance Deep Dive with Banit Agrawal and Qasim Ali

Containers are hot in the market but all imputations are not created equal. Join Qasim and Banit to see how VMware’s Container strategy provides the performance demanded by enterprises.

#VAPP5724 – BCA High Performance Panel with Mark Achtemichuk, Todd Muirhead, Reza Taheri, Edmon DeMattia and Jason Menear

This panel’s tagline is “No App Left Behind” Here stories and ask questions of these gurus that are working on the bleeding edge of performance, scale and 100% virtualization.

#VAPP5165 – Monster VM Database Performance with Todd Muirhead and David Morse

Databases are still often perceived as difficult virtualization candidates. This session will outline why that’s not the case and in fact, databases on vSphere perform and scale beyond anyone’s expectations.

#STO4949 – Virtual SAN Performance Deep-Dive with Lenin Singaravelu and Sankaran Sivathanu

As captain VSAN loves to say “Tier What?” Come out to this session to learn from our top engineers just how VSAN provides all this performance and scalability. This is not a marketing session so hold on to your seats and bring your thinking caps.

#EUC5802 – A Technical Deep Dive on VMware Horizon View 6.x Performance and Best Practices with Banit Agrawal and Pat Lee

Ensuring your EUC deployment performs well is a combination of vSphere, Horizon and many other moving parts. This comprehensive session ail touch on practices required across the stacks to ensure your deployment meets customers expectations.


#VAPP6537-GD – Extreme Performance Series: Maximize Performance on vSphere 6 with Mark Achtemichuk, Jeff Buell and Josh Simons


  • Finally we have some great Hands-On-Labs focused on specifically on performance:

#SPL-SDC-1604 – vSphere Performance Optimization.

This Lab covers vSphere performance best practices and various performance related features available in vSphere 6. You will work with a broad array of solutions and tools, including VMware Labs “Flings” and esxtop to gauge and diagnose performance in a vSphere Environment.

#ELW-SDC-1604 – vSphere Performance Optimization Workshop

In this Expert-led Workshop, you learn about vSphere performance best practices and various performance related features available in vSphere 6. This is your opportunity to ask the Experts! The self-paced version of this lab, SPL-SDC-1604, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Captain: David Morse

 #SPL-CHG-1695 – vSphere 6 Challenge Lab

The vSphere 6 Challenge asks you to put on your thinking cap to save the day! Each module places you in a different fictional scenario to fix common vSphere operational and performance problems. Have you ever had a disconnected host or a VM which will not power on? How about a mysterious poorly performing VM? Learn to solve these and more, and optional hints ensure you won’t get stuck. Try it and leave a little wiser! Captains: Rebecca Grider, Clement Wong

This year we pulled out all the stops to showcase why vSphere is the most performant virtual platform available today. Confidence you can reach 100% virtualization with no app left behind.


P.S. Keep an eye out in the VMworld keynotes for blinding performance highlights! #Hint #Hint