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New Virtual SAN Ready Nodes from Cisco and Hitachi!

What is the VMware Virtual SAN team announcing today?

Further to the initial launch of the new Virtual SAN Ready Nodes two weeks back, the VMware Virtual SAN product team is launching more Virtual SAN Ready Nodes today, this time from leading OEM vendors, Cisco (4 Ready Nodes) and Hitachi (1 Ready Node).

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.32.32 PM

We now have a total of 29 Ready Nodes from leading OEMs including the ones we announced two weeks back from Dell (3 Ready Nodes), Fujitsu (5 Ready Nodes), HP (10 Ready Nodes) and SuperMicro (6 Ready Nodes)!  The more, the merrier!

We also have some exciting updates on the Ready Nodes from the other OEM vendors that we released two weeks back!

What are the other new updates to the Ready Nodes?

Here is a summary of the other new updates:

a)  The Dell Ready Nodes have SKUs called DellStar Solution IDs.  In the US, the DellStar Solution IDs can be used to quote and order Virtual SAN Ready Nodes on the DellStar System. The DellStar Solution IDs for EMEA and APJ are still under works.  For now, you can build your order on the DellStar System for EMEA and APJ by referring to the Dell Virtual SAN Ready Node listings in the document.

b)  All Ready Node configurations that include multiple disk groups are now balanced.  i.e the total number of disks for a Ready Node has an even count so you can allocate the same number of disks across multiple disk groups at the time of configuring a Virtual SAN cluster.

c)  All the Ready Nodes except Hitachi have been updated to include a USB/SD card (Min. 4GB) that can be used for ESXi boot.  The Hitachi Ready Node uses an additional SAS HDD for ESXi boot.

d)  The Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi and SuperMicro Ready Nodes have a single SKU/BOM that can be used for quoting and ordering Ready Nodes.

The Cisco and HP SKUs are currently under works.  In the interim, if you are working on a Virtual SAN project and have questions on how to order the Ready Nodes from Cisco or HP, please email

Where can I find more details about Virtual SAN Ready Nodes?

Please refer to my previous post on this topic for more details on Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

Are there more Virtual SAN Ready Nodes from other server vendors to choose from? 

Yes, stay tuned.  We are continually working with our OEM vendors to publish new Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and you can expect more in the coming weeks.

Watch this space for more details!


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