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VMworld withdrawal? Call in to the Communities Roundtable podcast

Update #2: Leena can’t make it, but will be here next week. VMware’s own blog firebrand and SE extraordinaire Mike DiPetrillo will be joining us instead to talk about what’s on his mind.

We’re honored to have Leena Joshi with us in our second half to talk about the Virtual Datacenter OS. Her session was a big hit at VMworld, so please join us for this Q&A session.

Coming this Wednesday –  VMware Communities Roundtable #19

What: VMware Communities Roundtable #19
Topic: open topics
When: Wednesday, October 1
Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm British
Listen and chat: Go here and click the TalkShoe Live! button to listen live and join the chat
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No guest this week (although I have a few calls out  — if you have something interesting to say tomorrow, drop me a line or just give us a call), but we always have a good time. Have VMworld withdrawal? Then think of this like you were having a pint with the guys at the V-bar after a day of labs and sessions in Vegas.

See you tomorrow!

VM streaming and VMware Workstation 6.5 — now released

I saw this demoed a while back and didn’t realize it was in the newest Workstation, as I have become a Mactard who uses my VMware Fusion to run Windows on the Mac. But here it is in all its released glory — the very very cool feature Virtual Machine Streaming joins Record/Replay, Unity, Better 3D, Easier VM Creation, and more. If you’ve ever had to download (or even move from a fileserver) 5 or 10 gigs of heavy virtual machine down to your desktop, you’ll appreciate this feature.

Link: ChipLog » Blog Archive » VMware Workstation 6.5 released!.

Virtual Machine Streaming

Ever want to preview a downloadable virtual machine without having
to grab the entire zip file or tarball? VMs can be quite big and it’s a
pain to download one only to find out that it doesn’t meet your needs.

The new VM Streaming feature gives users the ability to point Player
or Workstation to a remote VM (if provided in the proper format). It
will then download the bits as needed, and allow users to pause or
restart the stream. It’s important to note that this will be slow at
first until it has enough data to smoothly run files off the disk. When
finished with the VM, the user can choose to keep what they have, or
delete the cached VM from disk.

ESXi is easiest to install, even if you’re a Windows expert

Link: VMware: VMware: Virtual Reality: Hyper-V with Server Core — Too Dry and Crunchy for our Taste.

Is Hyper-V with Recommended Server Core, In Fact, Easy?

So, how does the Hyper-V and DOS — err, I mean Server Core —
combination stack up when compared to the user experience of VMware
ESXi?  To try it out, we did side-by-side installations of Microsoft
Server Core/Hyper-V and VMware ESXi 3.5 on identical servers.  To let you see the details of each setup process, we recorded the entire sequence in a pair of videos.

Hypervisorinstallation2_2This first video shows every step required to install Hyper-V and ESXi on a fresh machine.
We kept count of the elapsed time, reboots, mouse clicks and keystrokes
each product needed and it clearly shows the huge advantage the truly
thin and OS-free ESXi architecture has in installation speed and
simplicity.  ESXi goes from bare-metal to fully installed in one-third
the time, half the mouse clicks, hundreds fewer keystrokes and just one
reboot vs. seven compared to Hyper-V.  The simplicity of the ESXi
wizard-driven installation is striking compared to the arduous process
needed to first get the Server Core OS installed and then configure
Hyper-V in a command line environment.

And here’s the end score:



VMworld 2008 link roundup from Eric Siebert

This is the kind of lazy man’s blogging I like: Eric Siebert has
just painted my fence with this comprehensive list of VMworld 2008
links. I still have a few bookmarks in my back pocket, but Eric’s page
will be a great clearinghouse for the year ahead. He’s got sections on all the keynotes, session blogging, audio/video, VDC-OS and other vWords, vendors, and more.

Note that Eric spends a great deal of time curating these links, so
please don’t grab them wholesale and reprint them without attribution.
You’ll often see Eric with ready-made collections of resources that he
uses to answer FAQs on the VMware Communties and you’d increase your
karma by either dropping him a note of appreciation at esiebert7625@yahoo.com or clicking on the big donate button over at vmware-land.com.

So now I present to you the official VMware-land.com VMworld 2008 Links page.

VMworld video roundup

Eating lunch at your desk again and wishing there was just a few more videos coming out of VMworld 2008? Well then, settle in and get another bag of chips, because it’s time for the VMworld Video Roundup:

SearchServerVirtualization and/or SearchVMware

  • SearchServerVirtualization Video Library There are many interesting videos there — notice the tabs on the top of the video player. Check out this year’s Bag of Schwag video. (SSV, your articles and videos are great, but not being able to link to individual videos is lame. I can come by and give you my "everything on the web must be a social media object" tutorial, but the short version is "if you don’t give it a url, I can’t point people to it or embed it here on the blog.")

Virtual Strategy Magazine

The prolific Eric Sloof:

Toon Vanagt from virtualization.com was omnipresent at the conference with his tripod, but is still uploading. He did publish this great interview with Winston Bumpus about Open Virtualization Format 1.0 and the virtualization Management Initiative (vMAN).  I can’t get the video there to load right now, so you can also go straight to the source at Vimeo.

VMworld at YouTube

VMworld at vimeo (note a lot of keynote video this year)

I hear we’ll be getting some of the professionally-shot video as well, and everyone can contribute over at vmworld.com’s Video Spot and Photo Wall.

Lunch all done? Wipe off those crumbs and get back to work.

Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch & VMworld – Communities Roundtable Podcast #18

We’re back in the saddle again. Last week we recorded a few podcasts in Vegas under the moniker VMworld Live. This week we were pleased to have as our guest VMware’s own Guy Brundson, who normally blogs at our VMware Networking Blog. Our main topic of discussion was the newly announced Cisco Nexus 1000V, the new virtual switch that will be coming to a future version of VMware Infrastructure and will allow your network team to control your virtual network just like they control your physical network.

We also recapped some of our VMworld experiences. Listen via the widget to the right or via mp3 (51:19 duration). The TalkShoe page has the feeds, etc.

Next week, same time, but I have no idea about our topic or guest. After a week in Vegas, that’s about as much living on the edge as I can deal with… (Suggestions for topics welcome.)

VMware @ Oracle OpenWorld

Just back from VMworld, and we’re at Oracle OpenWorld this week. Here’s the schedule of presentations in our booth. Here are a few sessions that look good and give you an idea of the content, but we’re going all day, so check out the whole thing. Link: OpenWorld Speakers – VMware.

10am Tuesday
Running Oracle Databases on VMware Infrastructure: It’s Time! – by House of Brick

session updates the current state of virtualizing enterprise-class
Oracle environments through the experiences of an independent Systems
Integrator. E-Business Suite customers and all Oracle core technologies
customers (especially of Real Application Clusters) can come away with
down-to-earth deliverables relating to system stack scalability,
performance, support, and the virtualization effort.
(Level: Beginner/Intermediate, Category: DB Technical Deep Dive)

1pm Wednesday
EMC Partner Presentation: Virtualization for Oracle: Extension of System Infrastructure Optimization
how VMware and EMC technologies work seamlessly together to optimize
Oracle App 12 landscape, to enhance flexibility and to decouple Oracle
App from the hardware infrastructure.
(Level: Intermediate, Category: Storage, Partner)

2pm Wednesday
Virtualizing the Oracle Database with VMware ESX 3.5 and Beyond
this talk to learn about best practices for virtualizing Oracle
databases. Specifically, we outline the characteristics of typical
Oracle workloads, and give a brief primer on performance optimization
for virtualized systems. We then combine these two topics by showing
how to tune a database for virtualization, and what features of ESX can
help provide maximum value once you’ve virtualized your Oracle
database. We also highlight some of the changes coming in future
versions of VMware Infrastructure, and how they will affect database
virtualization techniques.
(Level: Beginner/Intermediate, Category: Database, Technical Deep Dive)

11am Thursday
Oracle on VMware: Manage Your Applications Dynamically to Accelerate Service Delivery and Maximize QoS
why customers are increasingly running Oracle DB, Oracle WebLogic, and
Oracle Applications on VMware. This talk covers the outstanding
performance improvements realized in the latest release of ESX that
enables more than 95% of applications to match or even exceed physical
performance.  Hear also how customers are leveraging VMware Application
vServices to accelerate service delivery, scale dynamically to ensure
service levels, and protect all applications with simple availability
(Level: Intermediate, Category: Applications, Technical Deep Dive)

VMworld Live podcasts

We had a podcasting setup on the Solutions Exchange floor at the Bloggers and Community Lounge. It took us a day to get set up, but after we did I had several groups of community members drop by and give their two virtual cents on the show.

Now, although we had professional equipment, the gear is only as good as the operator, and that, unfortunately, was me. In general, the sound quality ranges from horrible to mediocre, all with this horrible warbling in the background, but improves slightly towards the end of the series.

VMworld Live Page | Feeds: podcast, iTunes

  • I have to apologize to Michael Keen and Theron Conrey because I lost this first podcast.
  • Tuesday 5:00pm – Beaver, Cline, McCarty, Hughes, Haletky – VI4, Cisco, distributed virtual switch host profiles, VDC-OS, meeting people at the show, BoFs and lounges – 7:51 duration

  • Wednesday 1:00pm – Siebert, Boche, Haletky, Howarth – a wide ranging session – VMTN Expert Session, VMworld rocks, geeking out for a week, too many vWords, distributed virtual switch & Cisco Nexus 1000V, VDC-OS vision backed by real features, FT, features becoming APIs, vCenter as a Linux appliance, Distributed vSwitch, host profiles, Googley VM-focused management tools like Hyper9, VMware Ready and vCenter – 20:04 duration

  • Wednesday – 2:30pm – Hicks, McCarty, Beaver – smooth conference, VC on Linux and authentication, Sessions on Intel & NetQueue, Automation, VDC-OS vs desktop OS, Hyper9, Vizioncore, Cisco and the future of networking plug-ins – 13:07 duration

  • Wednesday – 2:45pm – Kutz & Foran – the Cisco Nexus 1000V and the new relationship with the networking team; just off judging the SearchServerVirtualization Best of VMworld contest, Andrew and Joe have a no-holds-barred discussion of the state of the virtualization ecosystem – "If you’ve got a product that’s vapor, don’t market it as cloud" – 18:03 duration

  • Wednesday – 3:15pm – David Davis  – training, startups and vendors at the conference, Paul Maritz as technologist, VDC-OS hands-on lab – 10:14 duration

  • Thursday – 11:30am – Scott Lowe – product announcements vs vision & frameworks, Fault Tolerance, vendors at the Solutions Exchange, VDC-OS and building a cloud, innovation – 13:04 duration

Coming this Wednesday – talk about VMworld at VMware Communities Roundtable #18

What: VMware Communities Roundtable #18
Topic: VMworld recap
When: Wednesday, Sept 24
Noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm British
Listen and chat: Go here and click the TalkShoe Live! button to listen live and join the chat
Phone in and ask a question: Phone number (724) 444-7444 followed by 19367#
Then if you’re not a member just type 1# for your PIN
You’ll be on hold but will hear the call.
When you want to ask your question, hit "*8" on your phone and you’ll
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we’re ready for your question.
Call in via VOIP: Use a VOIP client to
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Do-it-yourself VMworld blogging

I’ve been watching the tweets and blog posts as folks arrive home from VMworld. This weekend or Monday I’ll pull together the links as the last of the session notes come online and the show wrap-ups and big picture summaries come out. But in the meantime my garden needs some attention.

So here’s what I’m going to be doing to grab the next set of interesting links. Feel free to do it yourself and add in the comments any articles that look exceptionally good.

And that should do it. I also want to gather together (1) all the news I can find around the Cisco announcement, because that’s perhaps the biggest product-oriented development at the show; (2) a wrap-up of our new vClient Initiative, including the parts that are still unfamiliar to me (the new protocol) and perhaps to you (the new Client Virtualization layer); and (3) a wrap-up of the analyst and journalist reaction to the VDC-OS, which most are recognizing as a big-picture vision backed up with an evolution of today’s solid technology. Don’t get too hung up on the vCloud — if you’re running DRS, you’re already seen the silver lining.

We partied like race car drivers

Get up and jump around at #vmworld party #todd on TwitPic

photo by Todd Muirhead at Dell via twitpic

From Ryan.  VMworld 2008 Attendee Party a Racing Good Time | VMHero. Check out his pic with the speedometer at 132mph.

One of the marks of these types of conferences is the attendee party.
VMware truly went over the top on their attendee party this year. held
at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The event was what I like to call a
“3-ring circus” event with about 600 things going on at once.  However,
it provided something for everyone, from video games, to classic cars,
to live music, to 140 MPH car rides around the track (definitely the

Eric has the video proof, as usual.

VMworld Party Las Vegas Motor Speedway Video from Eric Sloof NTPRO.NL on Vimeo.

And JMWolf has this one on YouTube: