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Is Hyper-V with Recommended Server Core, In Fact, Easy?

So, how does the Hyper-V and DOS — err, I mean Server Core —
combination stack up when compared to the user experience of VMware
ESXi?  To try it out, we did side-by-side installations of Microsoft
Server Core/Hyper-V and VMware ESXi 3.5 on identical servers.  To let you see the details of each setup process, we recorded the entire sequence in a pair of videos.

Hypervisorinstallation2_2This first video shows every step required to install Hyper-V and ESXi on a fresh machine.
We kept count of the elapsed time, reboots, mouse clicks and keystrokes
each product needed and it clearly shows the huge advantage the truly
thin and OS-free ESXi architecture has in installation speed and
simplicity.  ESXi goes from bare-metal to fully installed in one-third
the time, half the mouse clicks, hundreds fewer keystrokes and just one
reboot vs. seven compared to Hyper-V.  The simplicity of the ESXi
wizard-driven installation is striking compared to the arduous process
needed to first get the Server Core OS installed and then configure
Hyper-V in a command line environment.

And here’s the end score: