VMware Infrastructure 3

ESXi is easiest to install, even if you’re a Windows expert

Link: VMware: VMware: Virtual Reality: Hyper-V with Server Core — Too Dry and Crunchy for our Taste.

Is Hyper-V with Recommended Server Core, In Fact, Easy?

So, how does the Hyper-V and DOS — err, I mean Server Core —
combination stack up when compared to the user experience of VMware
ESXi?  To try it out, we did side-by-side installations of Microsoft
Server Core/Hyper-V and VMware ESXi 3.5 on identical servers.  To let you see the details of each setup process, we recorded the entire sequence in a pair of videos.

Hypervisorinstallation2_2This first video shows every step required to install Hyper-V and ESXi on a fresh machine.
We kept count of the elapsed time, reboots, mouse clicks and keystrokes
each product needed and it clearly shows the huge advantage the truly
thin and OS-free ESXi architecture has in installation speed and
simplicity.  ESXi goes from bare-metal to fully installed in one-third
the time, half the mouse clicks, hundreds fewer keystrokes and just one
reboot vs. seven compared to Hyper-V.  The simplicity of the ESXi
wizard-driven installation is striking compared to the arduous process
needed to first get the Server Core OS installed and then configure
Hyper-V in a command line environment.

And here’s the end score:




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  1. Great Video! That VMware ESX(i)is a superior virtualization platform we already know. Let’s see if VMware will actually beat Microsoft marketing!!!

  2. This video seams to be a farce. My friend and I have been tiring to install this on several computers for a week and a half and have not been successful. This is a very difficult free software that is not worth the time invested to get this to work. This difficulty has helped us decide to change plans and install a small Linux (centos) with VMWare 2.0. It would be nice to be Bare metal, but it is not worth the hassle and the video only help mislead the truth of the difficulty of this product.

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