VMworld 2008 link roundup from Eric Siebert

This is the kind of lazy man’s blogging I like: Eric Siebert has
just painted my fence with this comprehensive list of VMworld 2008
links. I still have a few bookmarks in my back pocket, but Eric’s page
will be a great clearinghouse for the year ahead. He’s got sections on all the keynotes, session blogging, audio/video, VDC-OS and other vWords, vendors, and more.

Note that Eric spends a great deal of time curating these links, so
please don’t grab them wholesale and reprint them without attribution.
You’ll often see Eric with ready-made collections of resources that he
uses to answer FAQs on the VMware Communties and you’d increase your
karma by either dropping him a note of appreciation at esiebert7625@yahoo.com or clicking on the big donate button over at vmware-land.com.

So now I present to you the official VMware-land.com VMworld 2008 Links page.


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