VMworld video roundup

Eating lunch at your desk again and wishing there was just a few more videos coming out of VMworld 2008? Well then, settle in and get another bag of chips, because it’s time for the VMworld Video Roundup:

SearchServerVirtualization and/or SearchVMware

  • SearchServerVirtualization Video Library There are many interesting videos there — notice the tabs on the top of the video player. Check out this year’s Bag of Schwag video. (SSV, your articles and videos are great, but not being able to link to individual videos is lame. I can come by and give you my "everything on the web must be a social media object" tutorial, but the short version is "if you don’t give it a url, I can’t point people to it or embed it here on the blog.")

Virtual Strategy Magazine

The prolific Eric Sloof:

Toon Vanagt from virtualization.com was omnipresent at the conference with his tripod, but is still uploading. He did publish this great interview with Winston Bumpus about Open Virtualization Format 1.0 and the virtualization Management Initiative (vMAN).  I can’t get the video there to load right now, so you can also go straight to the source at Vimeo.

VMworld at YouTube

VMworld at vimeo (note a lot of keynote video this year)

I hear we’ll be getting some of the professionally-shot video as well, and everyone can contribute over at vmworld.com’s Video Spot and Photo Wall.

Lunch all done? Wipe off those crumbs and get back to work.


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  1. Hi there,
    As an explanation/update… we had recently bought in to the video hosting service, and we were still working out how to work with that and our CMA program. You should now be able to link to the videos individually – it just required a lot of extra work by our assistant editor to create individual video players for each one. 😉
    Hannah Drake
    Associate editor, SearchVMware.com
    PS: I like the “fine print” after the link.

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