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Announcing General Availability of vSphere 8 with Core Storage and vVols Enhancements 

At VMware Explore US on August 30th, we announced vSphere 8, which includes several new enhanced features for core storage and vSphere Virtual Volumes(vVols). I am excited to share that vSphere 8 is now generally available. 

The big announcement with vSphere 8 core storage is the NVMe-oF (Non-Volatile Memory express over Fabric) support for vVols. To ensure we stay at the forefront, vVols has been the primary focus of VMware storage engineering for the last few releases and with vSphere 8.0, it is no different.  

Storage partners and the industry are moving toward NVMe arrays because NVMe-oF provides better performance and lower latency over typical SCSI. NVMeoF support for vVols allows customers to leverage performance storage arrays and manage them in a vVols datastore via storage policy-based management in vCenter. And in this recent release, we even simplified the setup of NVMe in vVols to make improving your storage performance that much easier.  

In addition to supporting NVMeoF, vVols in vSphere 8 supports additional namespaces, paths and improves vMotion performance. But vVols is not the only feature our team has been busy with. vSphere 8 also includes VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) provisioning storage policy for cloud-native storage, as well as NFS (Network File System) resiliency improvements. 

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