Virtual Volumes (vVols)

VMware Explore 2022 Wrap-Up – vVols and Core Storage

This year’s VMware Explore in San Francisco was a total success! With over 10,000 registrations, 72 countries represented, 89 sponsors, more than 6,000 labs delivered and 700+ breakout sessions, there was much to do and see. In case you missed any of the announcements, particularly around vSphere 8 and vSphere Core Storage, refer to this wrap-up to learn about some of the most exciting developments.

The Latest Around vVols in vSphere 8

The biggest news in this sphere is that there’s now NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) support for vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) in vSphere 8. This means that customers can now take advantage of NVMe-oF performance storage arrays and manage them with vVols in vCenter. In case you missed it, learn more about all the vSphere 8 enhancements and additional features.

How to Utilize vSphere Core Storage

If you didn’t see it during VMware Explore, watch this deep dive video featuring our own Jason Massae (Staff Technical Marketing Architect, Storage and vVols; @jbmassae) and Cody Hosterman (Director of Cloud Product Management at Pure Storage; @codyhosterman) and listen as they discuss best practices for using vSphere Core Storage. From the choices that customers now have in utilizing NVMe-oF to the value of the VASA provider, there’s a lot of good information here!

Ride the Love Bus

What exactly is vVols? How are customers using it? What are the benefits of using vVols with a multi-cloud setup? How about scaling and storage? And what are the big things to look for with vVols? Watch Jason Massae and NetApp’s Nate Howell ride the love bus and talk shop about all these questions and more to see how you can better optimize with prem on vVols.

Enter theCUBE

VMware’s Jason Massae and NetApp’s Chase Bingen (@cb8mydatacenter) joined theCUBE to talk about the depth of our partnership, the granularity that vVols allows for management by storage admins, how vVols can be a game changer for customers and much more. Watch the highly informative and engaging interview now.

Pure Storage at Tech Field Day Extra

At the Tech Field Day Extra, Pure Storage showcased how vVols allows enterprises to streamline storage operations to best configure a virtual environment through combining the best of all three types of disks that they offer. Read on and tune into the recap video if you missed it the first time around!

Want a Podcast Rec? Try Reads and Writes

Do your best learning via podcasts? We’ve got you covered with hosts Jason Massae and Cody Hosterman as they discuss live on stage at VMware Explore about the latest VMware vSphere core storage features and announcements. Listen now to get the inside scoop from these expert minds.

Learn More About vVols and Core Storage

Interested in learning even more about vVols and Core Storage and where they’re heading? Gain some deeper insight into both vSphere 8 and vSphere 8 Core Storage and see where the future of vVols is heading.

Video: vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) Overview

Review the VMware Compatibility Guide which lists all the storage systems certified with the interoperability of vVols.

Test Drive Hands-on Lab: VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) and Storage Based Policy Management

Take a Technical Deep Dive at vSphere Storage

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