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What’s New in VMware Cloud DR

Disaster recovery is one of those things we like to save for later. After all, it can be very time and resource-consuming, and will you ever really need it? In today’s environment, the answer is yes. In the past, organizations would agree with signing off on the risk of a traditional DR event happening, whereas today the rise of ransomware has dramatically changed that paradigm. With data growing at an unprecedented rate and ransomware attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, it has become an imperative for organizations to plan, design and frequently test their resiliency plans to ensure their data is available and preserve business continuity.

At VMware, we remain committed to helping you fight back in the face of these threats. Late last year, we announced enhanced ransomware recovery capabilities, featuring File and Folder-level recovery and 30-minute RPO.

Now it’s time for more. VMware Cloud DR has just announced new features that will help customers more securely replicate and flexibly manage their data at a greater scale. Let’s unpack them:

Direct Connect over Private VIF

VMware Cloud DR currently supports traffic over the internet and Direct Connect over Public VIF. In this release, we’re adding support for Direct Connect over Private VIF—a dedicated, fast channel from the on-premises site to VMware Cloud on AWS with flexible architecture. This new capability allows customers to benefit from high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity which provides improved network performance and faster initial data seeding.

Customers with stringent compliance requirements can also leverage this feature to establish dedicated, private networking connectivity between on-premises and cloud sites.


VMware Cloud DR now offers its first set of Public APIs, that allow you to utilize Java, Python and C# to get information about your DR configurations, including the Scale Out Cloud Filesystem, protected sites, protection groups, snapshots, protected VMs and recovery SDDCs. For more information and API documentation, visit our Developer Documentation Page.

Compliance Certifications

We continue to expand our portfolio of compliance certifications, now featuring SOC2 Type II and SOC3. VMware Cloud DR has obtained the SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 reports. SOC reporting gives customer and their auditors an understanding of how we manage and support security, operations, and compliance at VMware. In addition, VMware Cloud DR is now PCI DSS compliant. Please reach out to your sales representative to obtain our SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI DSS Reports of Compliance. You can download our SOC 3 report and visualize all available compliance certifications through VMware Cloud Trust Center.

For full details on features, visit our Release Notes.

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