Hyperconverged Infrastructure Systems Powered by VMware vSAN Lead the Market in Q3, 2021, According to IDC

We are excited to announce once again, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) systems powered by VMware vSAN lead the overall market for Q3 of 2021, according to the IDC Quarterly Worldwide Converged Systems Tracker. The tracker reported that systems running HCI powered by VMware vSAN accounted for a 41.5% share of the market, higher than the following four HCI software vendors combined. Additionally, systems running VMware vSAN grew at 17.7% year over year, greater than the overall market growth of 14.3%. VMware vSAN has consistently outpaced the competition quarter over quarter for years and grown faster than the market. VMware vSAN is the most adopted HCI software.

IDC Data Shows VMware is the #1 Hyperconverged Software (HCI) Software Vendor

In the latest quarter, Q3 2021, systems running VMware vSAN lead the HCI market, with $982 million in revenue, up from $834 million the prior year. During the quarter, the overall HCI grew at 14.3% year over year, but systems running VMware vSAN grew at 17.7%, which is faster than the market overall. More than 30,000 customers and over 80% of Global 2000 have adopted VMware vSAN for their HCI solution, which is a big validation. IT teams of all sizes, across all industry verticals, increasingly adopt VMware vSAN.

WW Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker 2021 Q3

HCI Software Vendor2021 Q3 Revenue (in $ Millions)Market ShareYear Ago RevenueYear over Year Revenue Change

Source: IDC Q3 2021 Worldwide Converged Tracker dated December 13, 2021. Market share based on revenue and the company providing HCI systems software.

Why Customers Continue to Choose VMware vSAN:

While there are many reasons why customers continue to choose VMware vSAN as their HCI software, we wanted to highlight three reasons why we believe systems running VMware vSAN continue to make it the most popular choice: flexible deployment, delivers AI/ML and developer ready infrastructure, and provides a seamless path to the hybrid cloud.

Flexible Deployment

This year, VMware took HCI flexibility a step further with VMware HCI Mesh™, which brings together multiple independent clusters for a native, cross-cluster architecture that disaggregates storage and compute resources and enables efficient utilization of capacity. Simply, VMware vSAN HCI Mesh allows one or more clusters to remotely mount datastores from other VMware vSAN clusters within VMware vCenter inventory. This approach maintains simplicity of HCI by not fundamentally changing the existing HCI model or requiring specialized hardware.

VMware HCI Mesh enables a powerful new way to scale storage independently of compute resources. Customers can scale storage by creating storage-dense or storage-only nodes, which can share resources to any vSphere cluster, while applying consistent policies through storage policy-based management to automate storage placement based on security, performance or storage efficiency needs.

AI/ML and Developer Ready Infrastructure 

VMware vSAN is an AI/ML and developer-ready infrastructure, enabling storage management of modern and traditional apps on a single platform with the same tools and skillsets. Highlights of the past several releases include the availability of Cloudian HyperStore and MinIO Object Storage on the vSAN Data Persistence platform, empowering efficient consumption of S3-compatible object storage on VMware HCI powered by vSAN for your AI/ML and Kubernetes-based workloads.

Seamless Path to Hybrid Cloud

VMware vSAN is a critical component of VMware’s infrastructure control plane from edge to core to cloud. VMware vSAN enables consistent processes in a true hybrid cloud architecture; no application re-platforming is required. Admins can use the same tools and processes on-prem, eliminating training requirements and siloed teams and expediting time-to-value. VMware has a broad range of cloud solutions that utilize VMware HCI powered by vSAN on-premises and in the cloud and is the only HCI solution to have full stack services with AWSAzureGCPAlibabaOracle, and IBM Cloud, providing ease of cross-cloud workload migration. 

VMware has the only HCI powered by vSAN solution on AWS that is fully vendor, not customer, managed. As VMware manages the infrastructure, customers can focus on innovation instead of lifecycle management, reducing complexity and risk into a public cloud environment. With VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, customers can also have a fully managed private cloud in their data centers; VMware alone can provide a fully managed hybrid cloud as a turn-key service.

With consistency across clouds, businesses can run without the need for a separate private and public cloud infrastructure team. At the same time, companies can easily leverage the public cloud while maintaining their core data center for data-intensive application, data sovereignty, governance, data portability, and control, while using familiar tools and processes. 

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