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vSpeaking Podcast Ep. 184: Top 10 VMware Admin Tools

Top Ten VMware admin tools

Out of the numerous tools VMware admins use to monitor, manage and optimize their virtual environments, which ones are the most popular? Pete Flecha, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, set out to discover the top 10 admin tools of 2021 by surveying the VMware community.

The results may or may not surprise you! Tune in to this episode of Virtually Speaking as hosts Pete Flecha and John Nicholson sit down with Duncan Epping and William Lam to discuss and provide insights on Pete’s findings including:

  • VMware Power CLI
  • RV Tools by Rob de Veij

Discover why some of the top admin tools shifted YoY, new joiners to the leader pack, use cases for top contenders and much more!

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