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Add VMware Cloud to Your Enterprise Fitness Regimen

Add VMware Cloud to Your Enterprise Fitness Regimen

Make Your Apps Healthy

Recently, I had my annual physical checkup. The good news is that I’ve been eating healthy, and so my overall vitals and test results looked good. But my doctor also asked about my exercise habits, and upon hearing my answer, she encouraged me to increase the number of exercise days per week. Her message was simple: The combination of eating healthy and exercising produces the best results.

There’s an equivalent in the enterprise apps world. App Modernization and Increased Business Resiliency produce the best business results. Earlier today, VMware shared how VMware Cloud accelerates App Modernization through modular, multi-cloud services. Organizations can use VMware Cloud in the data center or on any cloud, accelerating their application modernization journey. We introduced a flexible subscription to simplify the purchase and consumption process, a single console for monitoring and managing distributed VMware Cloud infrastructure, and a new offering for assessing and prioritizing app transformation initiatives across an entire application estate. If your organization has application modernization initiatives, learn more about the new VMware Cloud offerings.

Now let’s talk about Increased Business Resiliency and unpack what a business resiliency “exercise regimen” could look like for your application modernization journey, which is timely as today is World Backup Day! Business resiliency itself is a broad and in-depth topic, so I will only touch upon a few aspects of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery in this blog.

A Complete Workout – Protect All Application Types

In your application modernization journey, some applications will be retained, others rehosted and migrated, others re-platformed, certain ones refactored, and finally, some should be retired. As the number and variety of cloud-native applications and traditional applications explode, it’s critically important to plan for a cost-effective way to protect applications of all types.  VMware is ready with some innovative new protection solutions for the more than 85 million workloads running on VMware Cloud today.

Retain: Optimize and retain existing apps, as-is

Rehost and migrate: Move apps to any cloud without rewriting

Re-platform: Put apps in containers and run in Kubernetes

Refactor: Rewrite apps using cloud native technologies

Retire: Retire traditional apps and convert to SaaS apps

Strength Training for Your Kubernetes Apps

Let’s start with cloud-native apps on Kubernetes. For all the benefits of Kubernetes, you still need a way to easily back-up and restore your Kubernetes clusters and namespaces across multiple environments, since Kubernetes maintains stateful information in the cluster itself.

But for many organizations, building and operating Kubernetes apps requires developing new “muscles.” That is why last year VMware Tanzu Mission ControlTM added data protection for Kubernetes, to help enterprises more confidently and safely protect these critical workloads. It provides a point of control for backups and restores across your fleet of Kubernetes clusters, whether it be for entire clusters or just a few applications.

Cardio Workout for Your Traditional Apps

Protection for traditional apps is about speed and efficiency, kind of like when you’re running, cycling, or doing other cardio. Fast recovery, low total cost of ownership, and confidence that your business resiliency plan will work are all critical factors to success. VMware has a portfolio of business resiliency solutions for customers, which I encourage you to check out.

Specifically, I want to highlight our new DRaaS solution VMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryTM because it delivers fast DR recovery, via an easy-to-use SaaS-based solution, while leveraging cloud economics for low TCO. And to boost confidence that your DR plan will work when a disaster or ransomware strikes, it provides non-disruptive testing and automated DR health checks to remove key DR obstacles. No more excuses for not doing regular DR exercises.

Start Your Business Resiliency Workout Today

At the end of my appointment, my doctor encouraged me to define an exercise plan and to find a buddy to do it with. That same advice applies to enterprises and protecting their apps. VMware welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to increase business resiliency for your business-critical applications.