VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

What’s New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

What’s New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Remember our last release? We did say we were just getting started—so now the time has come to unpack all the goodness in the newest release of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. This is one you will want to read. In this blog, we will go over the key feature enhancements (Hello, Cloud-to-Cloud DR), as well as how and why they are helping our customers protect their data across the globe. Here’s what’s new:

Cloud-to-Cloud DR: Support for VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC as a Source Site

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery now supports Region-to-Region DR for VMware Cloud on AWS. Attention VMware Cloud customers! Now you can protect your workloads in the cloud as well as those on-premises—all within the consistent VMware environment you know and love.

Cloud-to-Cloud DR: Support for VMC on AWS SDDC as a Source Site, What's New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

2-Node Pilot Light: Smaller Footprint Entry Point for Pilot Light Recovery SDDC

Until today, customers were only able to set up Pilot Light with 3-host clusters.

Want more flexibility in deployment? You got it. You need the RTO in minutes but don’t have a large data estate just yet? Leverage 2-node Pilot Light recovery SDDC—a new deployment option that allows you to provision a smaller failover footprint capacity in VMware Cloud on AWS while still giving you access to scale your DR site when it’s time. That’s up to a 33% lower cost of entry [1]. If you’re a small or medium business, you can still protect your data efficiently with enterprise-level recovery RTO target—and optimize steady-state cost for protection capacity you don’t need (yet).

Greater Scalability: Federated Management of Multiple Instances

Attention Enterprise and Global customers! This one’s for you. If you need to turbocharge that scalability, you can now access this deployment option, where you can run multiple instances of VMware Cloud DR, match them to different Production Sites, and orchestrate company-wide DR testing and execution from a single SaaS-based management console. What’s even better is that you don’t have to re-train your IT Teams to use this tool—it’s all VMware.

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Availability

Additional Regions: Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Seoul

Hej! Hola! 안녕하세요! We are now supporting 3 additional regions, making it a total of 16 regions across the globe! We will continue adding regions to stay in close coordination with supported VMware Cloud on AWS regions, so stay tuned for more!

Enhanced Compliance: HIPAA BAA available

Healthcare friends, we’ve got you covered too! We now have a HIPAA BAA available, which means you can use VMware Cloud DR to compliantly protect your workloads. Empowering different business verticals with the most diverse set of tools to better protect all their data is something we are working towards, and this is a step of that journey. It won’t be long before you hear from us again, there is a lot of cool things brewing—we are developing technology to help you protect your business, not have to work weekends because of unplanned downtime, and not have to explain to your boss why you got hit with multi-million-dollar compliance fine—all of that while remaining competitive within your market and dedicating your valuable resources to doing so. What we’d call living the DReam. It’s a journey. Join us for it.

[1] Based on AWS US East Region Pricing


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