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vSpeaking Podcast ep 139: The Best of 2019

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we look back on the best of 2019 and present the first annual SpeakEasy Awards. A few of the SpeakEasy winners are listed below:

Best sound byte of 2019

It was no surprise that “LUNs Suck” was a crowd favorite. We brought Ken Werneburg on to discuss his motivation behind this infamous sound byte.

Fan Favorite episode of 2019

This year we started a new series called #FireFloodBlood which has been heralded as the fan-favorite. The first 2 episodes of the series are listed below:

We will be doing more #FireFloodBlood episodes in 2020 so if you have a story you want to share with us be sure to let us know.

The “Is that guy a co-host” award of 2019

I always say there are three keys to a successful podcast (Be sure to have good sound quality, get good guests, and be curious) The Virtually Speaking Podcast prides itself in getting the best guests in the industry. This category is dedicated to the guests that put up with our shenanigans the most.

Our Favorite Podcasting Moment of 2019

This moment technically happened on the very last day of 2018 but I am squeezing into the 2019 award because it was just that great.  At the very beginning of episode 100 I was greeting John (referring to him as “Juan” which I often do) I completely forgot we had a guest on who’s real name is Juan. You can imagine the confusion.

John’s favorite moment was on the VMworld episode with Pat Gelsinger. We often comment on how Pat has incredible mic discipline (meaning he is always positioned perfectly to get the best sound) This is a big deal for podcasters. Often times guests are unaware that when they move around they are changing the sound level of their voice. We never have this issue with Pat. So, while doing a sound check prior to the recording John mentioned that we often say he must have been in radio in a previous life. Pat’s answer was priceless. This clip can be found at the very end of the episode as a bonus clip.

The most downloaded episode of 2019

We had a lot of great episodes in 2019, but the Top VMware Admin Tools secured the top slot with over 7500 downloads.  Take a look at the accompanying blog for details on all the tools that were mentioned in the poll.

#1 Top 10 VMware Tools

#2 5G Ready Telco Cloud

#3 VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRAIL

#4 Performance Testing

#5 vSAN 6.7 Update 3

2019 was a great year for podcasting. A huge thank you to all of our great guests and more importantly you the listener for supporting us on this nerd-venture. We’ll be back next year with more great guests and deep technical content, but until then….. by for now.