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VMworld US 2019: vSAN BINGO Challenge

With VMworld less than a week away, it’s GO time vSAN fans! As you gear up for the conference of the year, we’ve put together an interactive BINGO board, VMworld edition. We’re calling on vSAN fans near and far to collectively fill out the board below. Are you up for the vSAN BINGO challenge?


Here’s how it works:

Check out the list of tasks below & plan accordingly. When you complete a task below, tag @VMwarevSAN & tweet at us. We’ll update the BINGO board and actively cross out tasks as they’re completed!

  1. Secure VMworld Backpack
  2. Build VMworld schedule
  3. HCI keynote session
  4. Selfie with Duncan
  5. Pic with a vExpert
  6. Pic of the HCI Zone
  7. Learn something new
  8. Attend vSAN session
  9. Trolly ride
  10. Acquire vSAN stickers
  11. VMworld fest
  12. Hands-on lab
  13. Chill in the VM village
  14. Pic next to VMworld sign
  15. Make a friend
  16. Use #vSANFan
  17. Send total step count
  18. Free space
  19. Meet the Experts
  20. Find Pete Flecha #vSpeaking
  21. Attend VMworld keynote
  22. Head to Alcatraz
  23. See the GG Bridge
  24. Get a VMworld boomerang
  25. Selfie with Pat Gelsinger



If you’re attending VMworld, check out the helpful resources below. We’ll see you at the HCI Zone!

Storage and Availability at VMworld

Keynote Registration #HCI3551KU

#vSANChat VMworld – Prepping for VMware’s Biggest Conference



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