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vSpeaking Podcast Episode 96: The Year of VDI

The Year of VDI

If you’ve ever deployed or even considered deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), chances are you ‘ve read a blog, watched a video, heard a podcast or seen a session with at least one of our guests. That’s right, this week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast, it’s the Year of VDI. We start by sharing a conversation we had in VMworld US with authors of the book VDI Design Guide Johan van Amersfoort and Marco van Baggum. Then we finish up with arguably the most authoritative VDI voice in the industry, Brian Madden.  Brian has spent over 20 years in IT, mostly focused on the future of end-user computing at the enterprise level. He’s currently the Lead Field Technologist in VMware’s End-User Computing office of the CTO. Prior to that, he was known as the creator of BrianMadden.com & BriForum, as well as the author of 6 books and over 2000 articles.

The Year of VDI

2:50 Johan van Amersfoort and Marco van Baggum

12:30 Brian Madden

40:00 Top vBlog 2018 voting is underway. 

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The Year of VDI

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