One of the reasons VMware vSAN continues to be such a widely deployed HCI solution is because of its world-class OEM ecosystem of hardware platforms that are tested and validated to support vSAN-powered HCI deployments, available in vSAN ReadyNodes. Learn more about ReadyNodes in the Essential Guide to vSAN ReadyNodes webcast.


vSAN ReadyNode is a validated server configuration in a tested, certified hardware form factor for vSAN deployment, jointly recommended by the server OEM and VMware. vSAN ReadyNodes are ideal as hyper-converged building blocks for larger data center environments looking for automation and who need to customize their hardware and software configurations. vSAN ReadyNodes can also be built to meet your specific requirements from a wide range of ReadyNode certified components.


To ensure a smooth HCI experience for our customers, VMware has created a dedicated vSAN engineering team, vSAN ReadyLabs. This team conducts rigorous certification on hardware component from our OEM partners to ensure that each ReadyNode component meets the strictest demands of data availability, data integrity and product performance. This certification process, unparalleled in the industry, ensures that you can purchase and deploy a vSAN ReadyNode with complete confidence.


In our August 3rd webcast, we will discuss the steps for configuring a vSAN ReadyNode, including guidelines for which components can and can’t be changed in a pre-configured ReadyNode bill of materials (BOM). We’ll also give you more insight into the high-level certification process conducted by vSAN ReadyLabs, including Day 0 support for new technologies like the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, also known as ‘Purley’.


Please join us on August 3rd for an in-depth discussion of the essentials of vSAN ReadyNodes. Register Now