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vSphere Replication and SRM – Installed and configured in 62 mins


I’ve been asked a number of times how long it takes to get SRM and vSphere Replication installed and configured. Based on all the times I’ve done it, I usually say that it will take about an hour to install. After saying that enough times I thought that a video would speak to it much better so I recorded one and it’s now available here. I’ve sped it up so you can watch the full 62 minute install and configure in under 9 minutes.


In the video I:

  • Install vSphere Replication at two sites/vCenters, configure it, and setup replication for about 15 VMs
  • Install and configure Site Recovery Manager at two sites, including SRAs, resource mappings, protection groups (using both vSphere Replication and array-based replication) and recovery plans
  • Basically, get the environment from zero to where it would need to be to start running non-disruptive recovery plan tests or actual failovers


Keep in mind that this video includes the configuration portion which will depend on how many VMs you are protecting and how complex your environment is. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


Here are some additional resources for getting started with vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager:


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  1. I do, no plans to publish it as I wouldn’t want anyone to sit through watching it. What would you like to see in a slower version?

  2. I didn’t record it with that in mind. The best place to get information on installation steps is the documentation. I think there are other blog posts online walking through installing SRM step by step as well though the documentation is the best resource.

  3. Why use vSphere Replication and SRAs? It can lead to the conflicts seen in the video, so what’s the use case?

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