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Nicolas Rochard

About Nicolas Rochard

Nicolas Rochard is director of product marketing at VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

VMware Fusion 6 failing to start on some Macs

Symptoms: VMware Fusion 6 crashes when opened. The crash report includes the text “cui::license::GetLicenseInfoForProduct”

 Cause: This issue is caused by an incompatibility with files created by VMware Fusion v1. These files may have been created by installing VMware Fusion v1 on your Mac, or they may have been migrated from an older Mac.


In Finder select Go > Go to Folder…

Enter “/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/” and press “Go”

 Delete any files beginning with “license.fusion.site.6.0” by dragging them to the Trash.


Enter your Mac password to complete the operation.


Open VMware Fusion 6.


Alternatively, the same steps can be achieved from the command-line:

sudo rm /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/license.fusion.site.6.0.*

VMware Fusion 6 and VMware Fusion 6 Professional available today!


We’re extremely excited to announce the worldwide releases of VMware Fusion 6 and VMware Fusion 6 Professional.

VMware Fusion 6

VMware Fusion 6 is recommended for home users who are looking for the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to run Windows applications on a Mac. New features include:

  • Designed for OS X Mavericks – Extend the unique features of Mavericks to your Windows environment such as taking full advantage of every display connected to your Mac with multiple display support and enhanced dictation support in your Windows applications.


  • Ready for Windows 8.1 – Get the most out of Windows 8.1 directly on your Mac by running Windows Store applications side-by-side with your Mac applications. With VMware Fusion 6, you can access Windows Store applications in Launchpad or the Applications folder and put them in the Dock in Unity mode. 

  • Optimized for the Latest Macs – VMware Fusion 6 is optimized for the latest Macs taking advantage of Intel’s latest Haswell processors for even better battery life and even faster performance when running Windows applications.


  • Create the Most Powerful Virtual Machines – Create virtual machines with support for up to 16 vCPUs, 8 TB virtual disks, and up to 64 GB of memory to run the most demanding Windows applications on a Mac.
  • Enhanced User Interface – From its streamlined user experience and improved PC migration assistant, to easier installation of Windows and more granular selection of computer resources, everything has been enhanced to give users an even better way to run Windows on a Mac.


VMware Fusion 6 Professional

VMware Fusion 6 Professional includes all of the features of Fusion 6 along with advanced functionalities designed to improve the way professionals deliver enterprise applications to Mac and PC users. Key benefits include:


  • Enhanced Restricted Virtual Machines – Fusion 6 Professional enhances restricted virtual machines by adding more customizable restrictions that provide IT administrators with even more control over deployments of corporate desktops.


  • Expiring Virtual Machines – With the ability to expire virtual machines at a specific date and time, VMware Fusion 6 Professional enables deployment of corporate virtual machines to contractors and allows software developers to easily deliver demos of their software as a time-limited virtual appliance.


  • Single Virtual Machine Mode – Easily prevent users from creating new virtual machines or accessing specific application features, to reduce support calls and increase productivity.


  • Linked Clones – Linked clones allow users to create multiple copies of a virtual machine without duplicating the entire contents of the original disk saving considerable space on their Mac.


  • BYOPC with VMware Player 6 Plus – VMware Fusion 6 Professional is licensed to let you use VMware Player 6 Plus to run restricted virtual machines created by VMware Fusion 6 Professional on Windows and Linux PCs.

We hope you enjoy using VMware Fusion 6 and VMware Fusion 6 Professional as much as we enjoyed creating them!

The VMware Fusion team.



Availability and Pricing

VMware Fusion 6 and VMware Fusion 6 Professional are available immediately for download and purchase from vmware.com for $59.99 and $129.99 respectively. VMware Fusion 6 Professional is also available via VMware channel partners.

VMware Fusion 4 and 5 customers can upgrade to VMware Fusion 6 for only $49.99 and to VMware Fusion 6 Professional for $69.99 at the VMware online store.

Download a free 30-day trial here.


What if I just bought Fusion 5?

Customers who have purchased VMware Fusion 5 between Aug. 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, 2013 are eligible for an electronic upgrade to VMware Fusion 6 at no additional cost. Learn more about the VMware Fusion electronic upgrade program here.



WOW! We’re all digital.

When we first released VMware Fusion in 2007, we were really excited to design a physical box that would make it to retail shelves and on customer bookshelves around the world.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the software industry:

The decline of Macs with optical drives. Most Macs don’t ship with an optical drive anymore. It started with the Macbook Air and we were one of the only software makers to include our software on a USB key and a DVD in every box of Fusion 4. We continued this with Fusion 5 but optical drives in Macs have become even more scarce.

The growth of Internet users and broadband access. Internet access and bandwidth has become ubiquitous. Downloading 500MB software ceased to be an ordeal and actually became convenient and that alone has helped the proliferation of software distribution online tremendously.

The VMware online store. In August, we introduced a major redesign and upgrade to our VMware online store, providing customers an improved navigation and simplified checkout to make buying VMware Fusion easier than before.

You. More importantly, over 75% of our customers were buying Fusion boxes in 2008. While our sales and our user-base continued to grow strongly over the years, the demand for boxes decreased with each new release of VMware Fusion. This year, more than 94% of our customers bought VMware Fusion 5 in electronic format.

We get it. Buying software as a download is a lot easier, uses fewer resources, and eliminates a trip to the store. We like the download-only model for the same reasons you do. We also like it because you can start using – and loving – Fusion a lot faster and you’re guaranteed to get the latest version when you buy it as a download.

So, following our customers’ lead, we’ve decided to stop making Fusion 5 boxes and sell future versions of Fusion only as an electronic download. This change is coming very soon, along with other exciting news, stay tuned!

The VMware Fusion team.



An abundance of threes

This week Apple announced their latest update to OS X Mountain Lion, version 10.8.3. We highly recommend that Fusion users running Mountain Lion apply this update. Not only does it come with great new features, it also includes a fix for the graphics problem that could cause some virtual machines to unexpectedly crash on certain Macs.

To coincide with the release of OS X 10.8.3 we have released VMware Fusion 5.0.3. This includes a number of important bug fixes and minor improvements including better support for Office 2013, improved cursor performance in Unity mode and support for Boot Camp partitions on 3TB drives.

To update Mountain Lion to version 10.8.3, click on: Apple Menu > Software Update…

To update VMware Fusion 5 to version 5.0.3. click on: VMware Fusion Menu > Check for Updates… or click here!

VMware Cyber Monday Sale – Savings up to 40%!

There is no better time to upgrade or buy VMware Fusion 5 than during our Cyber Monday 5-day sale!


Winner of the PCMag, MacWorld UK and MacFormat Editors’ choice awards, VMware Fusion 5 is the ultimate way to run Windows 8 on a Mountain Lion Mac. So buy or upgrade now and get more than 70 new features including better performance, faster graphics and Retina Display optimization.

  • Upgrade from VMware Fusion 3 & 4 or from Parallels for only $29.99!
  • Buy VMware Fusion 5 Professional and save 40%
  • Buy VMware Fusion 5 and save 20%



Extended by another two days until Friday 30th at midnight PST




The reviews are in. VMware Fusion 5 shines.

VMware Fusion 5 and VMware Fusion 5 Professional launched with rave reviews. Macworld, PCMag, MacFormat and many more loved the 70+ new features, including optimization for Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and the latest Macs.

We’re especially pleased with the 3 Editors’ Choice awards from MacWorld UK, MacFormat and PCMag. See for yourself what everyone’s talking about:

MacWorld UK (5 mice) – Editors’ Choice: 

“It’s not just hype when VMWare claims that Fusion 5 can run Windows software at ‘near native’ speeds.”

PCMag.com (4.5 stars) – Editors’ Choice:

“Highest performance among benchmarked desktop virtualization solutions tested.” 

MacFormat UK (5 stars) – Editors’ Choice:

“Fusion 5 is great, we liked it and can highly recommend it. It’s cheaper than Parallels and ran just as fluently during our testing.”

NetworkWorld – Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5:

“VMware’s Fusion 5 Professional Edition for OS X is a really big step up in virtual machine technology under  OS X”

MacWorld US – 4.5 mice:


This holiday season choose the ultimate way to run Windows on a Mac. Choose VMware Fusion 5.


Buy VMware Fusion 4 today and get the next version for free!

You'll be pleased to know that if you purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

Whether VMware Fusion 4 is purchased electronically from VMware, from a VMware reseller or as a retail box during this time period, you will be eligible for a free electronic upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

We will provide more details on how to receive your free upgrade with the announcement of the next version of VMware Fusion.

When will the next version of VMware Fusion be announced? Stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy VMware Fusion 4.

If you have questions about running VMware Fusion 4 on Mountain Lion, please click here.

Buy now


VMware Fusion 4.1: Smarter, Better, Faster Than Ever

It’s been two months since we released VMware Fusion 4, and we have been thrilled with the response from our customers and the VMware Fusion community. We have also been listening carefully to how we can improve.

To that end, we’ve been working hard and are pleased to announce the release of VMware Fusion 4.1, available today as a free update for all VMware Fusion 4 customers.

Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 11Here in the US we’re about to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. VMware Fusion 4.1 is our thanks to you, our users.

Here’s a short summary of the key features and improvements in VMware Fusion 4.1


Smart Full Screen

The number one feature request we saw from VMware Fusion 4 users was for native Lion full screen mode. But we knew we had to get it right; to work out all the corners cases and make sure it met all the same requirements as the old full screen and worked seamlessly with Mac OS X Lion. 

Here is how full screen works with VMware Fusion 4.1

  • The standard Lion full screen button is now used in virtual machine windows.



  • Like other full screen Lion applications, a VMware Fusion virtual machine will move to a new full screen space when using a single display.


  • If you are using multiple displays, VMware Fusion will intelligently decide whether to use a full screen space or not. If the virtual machine is configured to use all displays in full screen, it will move to a full screen space. If not, full screen will take the whole display in the current space. This allows working in Mac applications on one display while the virtual machine can make full use of the other.



  • The full menu bar is now accessible from full screen mode in both Snow Leopard and Lion. We added a short delay in showing the menu which allows users to access the top of the virtual machine screen, particularly useful when running Mac OS X Lion or Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 12

  • When working with multiple displays some users might prefer the optional full screen minibar. It provides quick access to common actions without leaving full screen mode. It takes minimal space on the screen and can even auto-hide.


The Return of automatically powering on favorite virtual machines

We removed this feature in VMware Fusion 4 and you really wanted it back. Virtual machines can now be powered on automatically when VMware Fusion starts. This can be set for each virtual machine under Settings > General.



Faster than ever!

We’ve worked top to bottom to make VMware Fusion even faster. A few of the improvements are:

Greatly improved graphics performance for Internet Explorer 9 with hardware accelerated graphics are up to 6x faster than VMware Fusion 4.

  • Improved rendering correctness in Solidworks 2012.
  • Improved graphics performance when using Mac OS X 10.7.2.
  • Improved animations for full screen mode, unity mode, library and snapshots.
  • Improved startup time with Windows 7 virtual machines.



OS X Lion as a guest just got better.


Improved Mac OS X Lion virtual machine support including smoother mouse movement and support for FileVault 2 when using Mac OS X 10.7.2 and later.


See the release notes for more details on other fixes:



Update to VMware Fusion 4.1 Today!

If you already own VMware Fusion 4, you will be prompted to install the free update to VMware Fusion 4.1 on your next launch or select Check for Updates from the VMware Fusion menu.

After downloading and installing VMware Fusion 4.1, make sure to update VMware Tools in the Virtual Machine.


Try VMware Fusion 4.1 Today!

If you would like to try VMware Fusion 4.1, click here to download a free 30-day trial.


Thanks for your support!

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we can’t thank you enough for your support and we hope you enjoy using VMware Fusion 4.1 as much as we did making it.

VMware Fusion 4: Easier. Faster. Designed for Lion. Available Now!

We are really excited to introduce VMware Fusion 4!

VMware Fusion 4 makes it a breeze to run Windows and Mac Applications side by side with incredible speed and the reliability users need.  With more than 90 new and improved features and optimized for today’s multi-core Macs and OS X Lion, VMware Fusion 4 is better than ever.

VMware Fusion 4 Box
Key highlights include:

 • Designed for OS X Lion – Whether you would like to add your favorite Windows programs to Launchpad, experience them in Mission Control, view them in full screen or switch between them using Mac gestures, VMware Fusion 4 is designed to give you the best Windows experience on OS X Lion.

Mission Control
Get a bird's-eye view of your Mac and Windows applications in Mission Control


Even More “Mac-like” – VMware Fusion 4 enhances the way you run Windows programs on a Mac. From the brand-new settings menu to the redesigned virtual machine library and snapshot menu, everything has been refined to give users an even more Mac- like experience when running Windows programs.

Redesigned Snapshots
Working with snapshots is even more intuitive!


Get Better Performance and Faster Graphics– VMware Fusion 4 has been engineered to run Windows and Mac applications side by side with incredible speed and the reliability you need. As a 64-bit Cocoa application, it is optimized for today’s multi-core Macs and delivers up to 2.5x faster 3D graphics. VMware Fusion 4 is faster than ever.

3D Performance Graphics

Lion Squared – VMware Fusion 4 now supports OS X Lion in a virtual machine. VMware Fusion 4 lets users get more from their Mac by running OS X Lion, OS X Lion Server, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server and Mac OS X Leopard Server in virtual machines.

Multiple Virtual Machines XP 7 and Lion
 VMware Fusion 4 supports more than 200 operating systems!


Availability and Pricing

VMware Fusion 4 is available immediately in the VMware online store and will be on the shelves starting this weekend through VMware’s network of resellers and distributors for a promotional price of $49.99 instead of $79.99.

That’s right, one edition, one price to switch to Mac and run Windows without rebooting. Everyone gets our best price through the end of the year!


What if you just bought VMware Fusion 3?

Through our Technology Guarantee Program, customers who have purchased VMware Fusion 3 since OS X Lion became available on 7/20/11 are eligible for a complimentary electronic upgrade to VMware Fusion 4.  To get your free electronic upgrade click here.

If you cannot wait any longer to upgrade to VMware Fusion 4, we suggest you make the most of our VMware Fusion 4 free 30-day trial offer.

Stay Tuned!  Over the next few weeks we look forward to diving deaper into some of the great new and improved features of VMware Fusion 4 on the Team Fusion blog. We hope you enjoy VMware Fusion 4 as much as we do!



OS X Lion spotted in the wild!

We have been using OS X Lion since in its early developer preview releases and all of us on the VMware Fusion team are amped about the release and all of the exciting new features that are now available to Mac users.        

We know many of you have been waiting eagerly for OS X Lion and would like to know if VMware Fusion 3 runs on it. You will be pleased to know that in our own experience and those of the thousands in the VMware community, VMware Fusion 3.1.3 currently runs on OS X Lion without any known important issues.

Screen Shot 2011-07-20 at 11.11.34 AM

If you’ve “overlooked” the section of our EULA that prohibits the use of VMware Fusion “IN THE OPERATION OF NUCLEAR FACILITIES, AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION…” you should probably give it a bit more time to make sure nothing serious comes up before upgrading to OS X Lion. 😉

One change we’re particularly excited about is Apple allowing OS X Lion to be virtualized on an OS X Lion host. Michael Rose from TUAW sums it up well in his article:

“This is bound to be a big help for developers, IT managers and others who need to keep a known-good test environment or try out new apps in a controlled fashion.”

We’re obviously looking at this ability closely for a future release so stay tuned!

Are you interested in participating in future VMware beta programs? We are always looking for passionate volunteers to help us test future versions of VMware products. Sign up today! http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/desktop/fusion