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VMware Fusion 6 failing to start on some Macs

Symptoms: VMware Fusion 6 crashes when opened. The crash report includes the text “cui::license::GetLicenseInfoForProduct”

 Cause: This issue is caused by an incompatibility with files created by VMware Fusion v1. These files may have been created by installing VMware Fusion v1 on your Mac, or they may have been migrated from an older Mac.


In Finder select Go > Go to Folder…

Enter “/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/” and press “Go”

 Delete any files beginning with “license.fusion.site.6.0” by dragging them to the Trash.


Enter your Mac password to complete the operation.


Open VMware Fusion 6.


Alternatively, the same steps can be achieved from the command-line:

sudo rm /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/license.fusion.site.6.0.*

5 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 6 failing to start on some Macs

  1. George Verras

    You ROCK! Thanks!. I spoke to the VMWare fusion support team and the only thing they could tell me was that they would get back to me within 12 business hours

  2. Olivier MOSER

    I have this exact trouble, I get following messages (in french) :
    • impossible de récupérer les symboles du noyau
    • échec d’initialisation du moniteur
    • Impossible de trouver un processus pair valide auquel se connecter
    Deleting the licence file didn’t help.
    Do you have any proposal ?

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  4. Guillaume Gosselin

    Hi, I’m a 30 days trial for VMware Fusion 10 (The red one) and I have this message: “Impossible de trouver un processus pair valide auquel se connecter”. Translation would be: “impossible to find a valid peer process to connect to”. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried to remove “/license.fusion.site.6.0” but then it just said that I “need a valid license” to continu. I’m desperate in my attempts to find a working program that could read the Workshop manual dvd’s that I ordered for my car. Thanks in advance.


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