Buy VMware Fusion 4 today and get the next version for free!

You'll be pleased to know that if you purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

Whether VMware Fusion 4 is purchased electronically from VMware, from a VMware reseller or as a retail box during this time period, you will be eligible for a free electronic upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

We will provide more details on how to receive your free upgrade with the announcement of the next version of VMware Fusion.

When will the next version of VMware Fusion be announced? Stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy VMware Fusion 4.

If you have questions about running VMware Fusion 4 on Mountain Lion, please click here.

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  1. With “next version” you mean VMware Fusion 5 (or equivalent)?
    Elsewhere, you call 4.1.3 a “version”, so next version would be 4.1.4…
    Maybe using terms like “generation” or “release” could make this more distinct.
    Just asking for clarification.

  2. I have bought it today, from Apple store and it doesn’t work. There is no information on this page about complimentary upgrades to version 4.1.3! I have registered product, where is the download?!

  3. Hi Andy, login to http://my.vmware.com/ (free product registration required) and download VMware Fusion 4.1.3. It can be found under “Products & Downloads > All Downloads > VMware Fusion”. VMware Fusion 4.1.3 runs on Mountain Lion.

  4. Does this apply to the purchasing of an upgrade licence. I’m currently on v3 but want to upgrade to the latest v4.x – is it worth doing this now or simply waiting until v5.x?

  5. Hi Dan, you can upgrade to VMware Fusion 4 by buying a full license of VMware Fusion 4 ($49.99). If you do this now you will be able to run Fusion on Mountain Lion and get a free upgrade to VMware Fusion 5 when it comes out. Alternatively, you you can wait until VMware Fusion 5 comes out and you can make the move then.

  6. I have downloaded a 30-day trial, but I purchased the full 4 version at an apple store. How do I convert the trial to a full version–will my product key from the boxed version work?

    1. @ Skipnels
      All you need to do is update the license key with the one in the box. To do this, go in the “VMware Fusion” menu > ” License” and enter your new license key.

  7. Previously I ran Fusion 3 under OS X Lion on an iMac. Now I have done a clean install of Mountain Lion, then re-transferred the Virtual Machines folder from my backup to my user directory. Now I have to buy and install Fusion 4. Just to be sure: Will Fusion 4 just work with the existing Virtual Machine that I copied back, or will I have to install everything from scratch? (I am using Fusion on my iMac only for Quicken under Windows XP.) Looking forward to your reply.

  8. When I am starting VMWare Fusion 4.1.3 I get this message: Der Datenträger „/Users/oliverschafer/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/Boot Camp.vmwarevm/Boot Camp.vmdk“ oder ein Snapshot, von dem er abhängt, kann nicht geöffnet werden. Die ressource ist belegt.
    Before I updated to Mac OS X 10.8

  9. Starting tonight, the auto update feature says that Fusion 5.0 is available, and I’ve muddled through the broken mess and found the 5.0 download. But my 4.x key won’t work on 5.0, and the license page won’t upgrade my 4.x license.

    Someone over there asleep at the switch?

    1. Just get a free trial license for now, and hope that VM follows up on their promise for a free upgrade license within the next 30 days.

  10. I sent in my scanned receipt and got my new serial not 5 hours later. All in all much less painful and faster than I anticipated. One happy customer. Thanks VMWare.

  11. I was looking for the documentation for Fusion 4, which I downloaded on 7/25. It’s a pleasant surprise about this free upgrade. I just checked my email, the message with the new key for version 5 is there today.

    Thanks VMware !!

    1. I paid $79 for VMware 3 a the Apple store a couple years back. Just installed it today and it can’t handle adobe. Where can I get a free upgrade to VMware 4?

  12. I am not happy that I have now upgraded from version 3 to version 4 and the last upgrade is only 6 months ago. I feel ripped off by the upgrade fairy. I’m not happy with VMware at all. It’s more like a yearly subscription but if you do not jump right in you only get half to value.

  13. I am not finding the updated info now that Fusion 5 is released. Could you update this page with info on how to claim the free upgrade please?

  14. I purchased VMWare Fusion 4 to upgrade my version 3 on 8-3-12. On about 8-26-12 I received the email news that 5 has just come out, so I downloaded the VMWare Fusion 5 free trial as that is the only download I can find. It does not have an ‘upgrade’ feature as did version 4, so I am reluctant to use it.
    I still have not received my new key.

  15. My son has just installed Mountain Lion having previously run Leopard with Fusion v3. If he buys v5 will it automatically run his virtual machine (last used yesterday) and also give him access to all his data files (inc Solidworks). He can’t afford to loose all those files, including ones he has created in last 3 weeks since he ran Time Machine.

    Thanks for any advice.

  16. I have both Fusion 3 & 4 licenses. I want to upgrade to Fusion 5 Standard (Not “professional” version) but I cannot find the location to upgrade in VMware website.

    But I could download a copy of Fusion 5.01 standard

    Can I use Fusion 4 license code to activate Fusion 5.01? I bought Fusion 4 on 2011-11-27?

  17. Habe Version 5 heruntergeladen. Seither funktioniert nichts mehr, wder version 5 noch die alte version 3.1, finde das esine sauerei!

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