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New Partner Guide Makes it Easy to Help Customers Stay Competitive with IT Security Modernization

If there’s anything business leaders have learned over the last two years, it’s that you must be equally nimble and strategic to succeed. The IT security innovation flywheel is spinning at an insane speed; meanwhile, cybercriminals are taking advantage and evolving their practices in kind. This situation has created an unparalleled challenge for businesses: Technology is at the heart of what powers you. But if left unsecured, it can be your greatest liability. 

Of course, security solutions distributors and resellers understand this necessity all too well. It’s why they are turning to VMware Security offerings to help their customers modernize their SOC—and why we’ve just released the FY23 Partner Guide: Modernize Your Soc with Advanced Detection and Response, the only resource partners need to effectively go to market for VMware Carbon Black Cloud. Here’s a preview. 

Empower customers with VMware as a Carbon Black Cloud partner 

In the just-released Partner Guide, reseller and distributor partners will find everything they need to help their customers solve today’s greatest company-wide IT challenge—security. Designed as a single go-to reference, the resource offers grounding insight into VMware’s corporate strategy and the role security challenges play in the development and delivery of our future-ready solutions. Plus, it covers what’s unique to VMware Carbon Black Cloud and packages go-to-market content, training, and resources so partners can hit the ground running. 

Gain the VMware Carbon Black Cloud advantage 

By connecting critical control points, VMware Carbon Black Cloud streamlines security operations, lowers business costs, and empowers users to scale their response across modern applications, in multi-cloud environments, and amongst a distributed workforce. The effect is threefold: increased operational confidence; reduced time to resolution; and future-ready security. 

Final Thought 

With advanced detection and response capabilities that are intrinsic to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform, businesses achieve cloud-native security that enhances existing threat hunting skills and ensures teams are equipped to detect and respond to threats even in a remote world. Reseller and distributor partners can find the FY23 VMware Carbon Black Cloud Partner Guide in the Partner Demand Center. Or, if you’re new to VMware Security, learn more about the platform via the Carbon Black Tech Zone.