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VMware’s Open Source Shop of Curiosities at All Things Open

Described as a Polyglot Technology Conference focusing on the tools, processes and people making open source possible, All Things Open 2020 (ATO) kicks off virtually on October 19th. Over the two days of the conference, you and 10,000 of your closest associates from more than 27 countries can expect to see technology leaders from across the community. Some say it’s the best open source event in the world. Come judge for yourself. 

ATO enjoys a long standing reputation as a community-oriented show where like-minded people who are curious about open source gather. It’s an ideal place to meet new people, learn new things and explore emerging open source projects. You might even discover a new passion project (scratch that itch). With that in mind, the VMware Open Source team took a novel approach to our virtual booth presence. 

Introducing: Open Source Shop of Curiosities

As you take time out from the many breakout sessions, be sure to find your way to the VMware “booth.” Debuting at All Things Open, the Open Source Shop of Curiosities – a curated collection of insights, tips and knowledge from our open source experts and the community. What project is more than two decades old and boasts more than a million commits? How do you Ansible in five minutes? Salary negotiation tips? That, too! Explore the fascinating world of open source at the Curiosity Shop. Step right up, dive right in and learn something new – you just might be surprised. 

Don’t Miss Dawn Foster!

Most of us bet large parts of our business on open source technologies, but how do we decide which projects will continue to be healthy and viable? While there are no sure bets, there are ways we can evaluate these projects to understand our risks and decide which projects are likely to be successful. Be sure to attend Dawn’s session on Open Source Project Health.

To learn more about VMware’s open source commitments, our engineers, projects and insights, visit the VMware Open Source Shop of Curiosities at All Things Open, where we feature some of the things we’re working on in open source – from the quirky to the mainstream. Project deep dives, real-time Linux and getting real with Git – it’s all in the shop! Drop in, take a look and spend some time. But then, hurry back to the rest of All Things Open. Don’t worry – our “shop” is open late and the door is always open.

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