Dr. B Talks About IoT and Edge Technology in Open Source and Why It’s Important

Our own Dr. Malini Bhandaru spoke with Matt Trifiro on the Over the Edge podcast recently. During their conversation that spans “How Open Source is Expanding the Horizon for IoT and Edge,” they explore her background and her current fascination with IoT and Edge technology. 

Matt is tickled by her experiences as they explore the technologies that were around 30+ years ago, even if they weren’t referenced by modern monikers such as Edge and IoT.

“By making these open source projects and a lot of the infrastructure available, you’re opening the flood gates to many more adopters and many more applications and solutions coming to market sooner.”

Listen to the full podcast to hear more about Dr. B’s impact on open source projects in the IoT and Edge technology space today. And be sure to stay tuned to the Open Source Blog for additional insights from Dr. B.


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