Bootiful Podcast: Tim Pepper, Kubernetes Release SIG Chair

Tim Pepper, Open Source Developer at VMware, was interviewed by Josh Long, Open Source Developer Advocate. This episode of the Bootiful Podcast is now available.  

Tim jokes that he is a full stack engineer with experience from the foundation all the way up to the application. He tells how he came into Kubernetes sideways through his interest in open source at large and specific experiences in release management. 

Josh is amazed by Tim’s description of the byzantine structure and complexity of the Kubernetes code base and its interactions with dependencies. Together, they cover the ongoing support complexities when combining many dependencies from Linux operating systems to the Go language toolchain and Kubernetes component binaries. They also cover the ever-changing state of the art and repeated patterns in systems software and how this affects the way all of us develop software. 


Tim recalls a high school internship at NASA as a pivotal point in his career development. His time at Edwards Air Force Base / Dryden Flight Research Center exposed him to aeronautics testing. The engineers were collaboratively constructing tests to push complex systems to their technical edge with rigor and safety, which inspired Tim to carry that design thinking to his own engineering work. 

Listen to the full podcast for a winding conversation between two technology evangelists and hear what Tim thinks about the velocity of development in the open source community. 


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