What’s Up Doc? Dr. Bhandaru Talks EdgeX on the Bootiful Podcast with Josh Long

Our own Malini Bhandaru – a thought leader in the area of Edge/IoT space – was interviewed by Josh Long, Open Source Developer Advocate. This episode of the Bootiful Podcast is now available.  

Malini shares her work on EdgeX Foundry, an open source IoT/Edge framework, to ease development of solutions.

EdgeX consists of a collection of microservices that provide the ability to receive data from sensors using different connection protocols, process the data locally to reduce response latency and network bandwidth needs in addition to transmitting data of interest to a cloud endpoint. EdgeX internally supports publish-subscribe and REST API calls, with both Redis and MongoDB as persistence options. EdgeX’s command service facilitates actuation such as turning on a light bulb or curtailing power or controlling an insulin pump.


Josh and Malini cover a number of example modern implementations across a number of industries including home automation, healthcare, and retail. 

Listen to the full podcast for a delightful exchange between two technology evangelists and hear about what Malini has up her sleeve for the near future. 


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