Steven Rostedt Talks Linux Kernel on the “Bootiful Podcast”

Steven Rostedt, Linux Kernel Rockstar at VMware, was interviewed by Josh Long, Open Source Developer Advocate. This episode of the Bootiful Podcast is available now.  

Steven shares his vast experience in developing Linux and a brief history of some of the calamities that he has transcended over his years of FOAK exploration in the space. 

Josh asks Steven how he began working in the tracing infrastructure. Steven shares how and why he created the ability to trace on a live system for the purpose showing what is happening inside the “black box” of the Linux kernel with the real-time patch applied. This project eventually became a career pivot as he finds himself focused more on tracing than developing the real-time patch.

Josh brings questions from some of his friends to mix up the conversation. This launches them into an exploration of KernelShark and TraceCruncher. 

In describing his affinity for all things open source, Steven shared his father’s adage on life:

If you want to be happy for:

An hour – take a nap

A daygo fishing

A weektake a vacation

A month – get married

A yearinherit a fortune

A lifetimelove your work!

Listen to the full podcast for a winding conversation between two technology evangelists and hear what Steven thinks of working at VMware. 


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