Inside the VMware Open Source Program Office

Recently, Suzanne Ambiel and Rhonda Edwards published a three-part series covering the rationale behind an Open Source Program Office. They offer a view inside the VMware Open Source Program Office startup four years in. Read about how the VMware OSPO charter began and learn from VMware executives how much value they place on the program today.

Compliance, promoting community best practices, and enabling an ethos of discovery and innovation comprise the VMware OSPO charter. In part two, Mark Peek expands on the idea that the evolution of the OSPO from being a gatekeeper to empowering internal teams is a natural combination of the three core tenets.

Always conscious of the return on any investment, Joe Beda reminds us that when done well, the OSPO activates a latent superpower.  The open source community is as ripe with how-to-get-started tips as it is flush with free code. This final part includes many links to sources provided by a generous community.

You can find the series and more stories about the open source community on The New Stack.

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